Stavanger, in the Norwegian fjords


Stavanger, in the Norwegian fjords, It has become today more than a prologue dreamed of this 22-day adventure through one of the most impressive places in Norway. A central city of the country's oil industry that, however, has managed to preserve corners of true charm what to see in Stavanger like the white wooden houses of Gamle Stavanger or the set Øvre Holmegate. UPDATED 2019

In direct flight to Stavanger

When we decide that Stavanger would be ours gateway to the Norwegian fjords, we thought that our passage through Oslo would be inevitable. Nevertheless vueling It already connects directly with cities like Bergen or Stavanger via Barcelona. That was our route, and it was not even 6 in the morning when our usual corner of the Alvedro Airport in A Coruña was waiting for us (and a little later an improvised one in Barcelona) (breakfast 14,45 EUR)


Our final destination, the Norwegian Arctic, the exploration challenge (one step beyond the adventure), will begin when we take the flight to the Svalbard within 10 days but Norway is so big and beautiful, and gives away so many areas of different attractions, that we cannot avoid trying to take a first partial view of what the Norwegian fjords can offer us.


You can imagine the route, but for map lovers, something similar to the following (we will try to put maps every day)…

What was traca when taking speed on the take-off runway, the plane starts to "get away" and we retired at one of the departures. "Passengers, sorry for the inconvenience, we just lost the on-board computer. We will proceed to restart the system and return to queue to proceed to a new takeoff". It does not sound very encouraging, does it? Anyway, that with almost 1 hour late, we finally left Spanish soil. !! By the way, thanks to the mom" Chavetas Senior "!! Those sandwiches (plus a water for 3.05 EUR that we took at the airport) were the glory… (Is it our thing or is there less and less space on the planes and the menus are more expensive?)


With so much pre-holiday stress, the little to tell about the flight, we fell asleep until we started the descent between beautiful island spots and communicating bridges. Thus we landed at Stavanger Sola Airport, about 15 km southwest of the city.

Going down to the city is simple using the Flybussen (110 NOK each) that has departures to the center every 15 minutes with various stops, allows you to pay by credit card and is a reasonably economical option.


The surprising thing is that it was quite empty. Something tells us that more people arrive here by sea than by air, or today not too many people have arrived.

How to go from the Airport to the center of Stavanger:

Option 1. Local Bus number 9 for 37 NOK, although it takes a few extra laps.
Option 2. Flybussen for 110 NOK, 15 minute intervals and 6 intermediate stops.
Option 3 Taxi for around NOK 400 to downtown
Option 4 Rent a car at the airport offices (or bring it pre-booked). We wait for our friends in a few days that have booked one (All the information and price comparison in “Car rental in Norway: comparisons and prices“)

Ah! For those of us who like to be able to "deploy" the mobile office. It also has WIFI! That's how nice it is

We get off before arriving at Fiskepiren, specifically at the Atlantic Hotel stop, closest to the place where we have booked to stay. Its aboutComfort Hotel Square That seems to speak well for its quality / price ratio, and where we will spend the next 3 nights. The first impression, very good, really ...

We will not waste much time. After several months, we already want to "kick" a city as much as we like.

What to see in Stavanger in 1 day?

While Stavanger may not be that "familiar" city that one thinks (it is the fourth largest city in Norway) and center of the oil industry (Norway is the third largest exporter of crude oil worldwide), its location is a privilege that many populations would like to enter the Gandsfjord fjord. Nor do we fool anyone if we say that we have begun our adventure through Stavanger not by seeing his city, but by doing base to reach these days some of the most spectacular places on the planet (Pulpit Rock or Kjerag) of which we will talk to you. But first, to complete your days in this city we propose some excursion to include in your trip.


If you have enough time in the city and you like sports or nature-related activities, there are some very interesting excursions that can fit into your trip.

Hafrsfjord and the lakes bike tour, this tour will take you by bicycle through the most natural part of Stavanger, Hafrsfjord. This place is summarized in a lot of trails and lakes and it is where the unification of the country took place. Free cancellation at any time.

Kalvoy Kayak Tour, the perfect adventure to get to know the Southwestern part of Norway in a totally different way ... by sea! You have free cancellation up to 3 days before.

These are two excursions but there are more excursions in Stavanger for do. You can choose the one that best suits your trip and your preferences to complete the experience in the city.

Thus, almost letting go we have completed a route of the most attractive.

And not only that, We liked Stavanger! You know that in the end many times the vision of a place depends on the mood, the weather or the vision of the most particular person ...

... and may have greatly influenced the desire to travel we had, but enter through Gamle Stavanger (our first point of the route) and strolling through that old town of white wooden houses located next to the port leaves an impression difficult to forget

These are 173 homes of former fishermen that date from the foundation of the neighborhood there by the 18th century, times in which the current splendor due to oil still did not exist, and that walking through these streets will transfer you to what should have been a charming little town


This small old town in Stavanger also has the award of being one of the best wooden houses, if not the best, preserved in northern Europe, and it is also where you get one of the best views of the area of "environment"

Our walk continues towards the shores of Lake Mosvatnet, where the Stavanger Domkirke or Cathedral, the oldest in Norway and seat of the Lutheran diocese of the same name.

Accustomed to this type of buildings, a mixture of Romanesque and Gothic style, in other trips, it is not what we most expect to find in this part of the planet, but we must recognize that it retains the charms of its medieval era (dates from 1,100- 1,125) despite having suffered fires, repairs and even failed restorations.


In its origins it received the name of Church of San Swithum, since it is believed that its construction comes from an English missionary named Reinaldo, from Winchester. It has already rained since

We continue our pleasant walk towards skagen dock, where those who arrive by cruise will begin to orient themselves on this route to make their own, as it will be their starting point. At this time there is none left, and the ride is even MORE enjoyable.

We love to see how those dozens of canning, salt and wood stores, today are one of the most acclaimed areas of the city, full of bars and restaurants and multiple terraces that take advantage of the many hours of sunshine at this time of year ( the day goes from 5 to 22). !! Yes! Prepare the wallet. We have looked to see some price and shiver shiver!


A unique tower catches our attention behind the pier. It's about the Valberg Tower. that seems to be that in his day it was his function to warn about possible fires although today it serves as an improvised viewpoint.

It is also the clock tower and a museum, although we prefer to continue walking in such an acclimated area. By the way, from here there are also excellent views, in this case, of Gamle Stavanger

Øvre Holmegate It is one of the most attractive areas of the city. Of course, if you asked us for a recommendation on what to see in Stavanger in a few hours, we would say this, the old town and the Cathedral.


What a great atmosphere! We would never have imagined it. Cafes, tea shops, decoration shops, a famous hairdresser where Tom Kjorsvik works or Sjokoladepiken chocolate what the friend told us Pau in his stories.

But Holmegate was not always like that, and in March 1860 a fire was carried ahead of more than 200 houses in this area and its reconstruction seems to be that it did not give much joy to the area until the Kjorsvik, the hairdresser we saw before , he became famous for proposing to provide buildings with bright colors and to make a gray neighborhood become the Norwegian Notting Hill for the neighbors.

We have risen a lot, and a sandwich has not been too much, so hunger squeezes, so we will not move much further through this picturesque area ...

So, finish this nice ride in the Petroleum Museum, already closed, symbol of a city that had its time of splendor in the 70s transforming it completely. So much so that even the museum itself is very different from what we could imagine, futuristic in appearance, and straight lines.

Having dinner at Stavanger, in the Norwegian fjords

We must recognize that our entrance to the Norwegian fjords, although they say that Bergen is called their door, has not been better in Stavanger. Today we have also checked the high standard of living of the country that has indicated to us how much we are going to use that vacuum packaging that we bring from Spain.

A little Italian called "Il Forno" has given us farewell (388 NOK), and from there we have come to prepare things for tomorrow (take water for 33 NOK) that we intend to do one of those trekking so famous in Norway. But that story, we leave it for tomorrow. Breakfast finished? !!More tomorrow!!

Isaac and Paula, from Stavanger (Norway)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: EUR 17.50 and NOK 641 (approx. 77.23 EUR)