Organize a safari in Kenya for free step by step


There are dozens of questions that come to us every month from those who ask how to organize a safari in Kenya on your own Prices? Can you travel to Kenya for free? And if so, What route or itinerary to choose? Do I add Tanzania, Mombasa, Diani, Zanzibar, Seychelles or Mauritius? And for a honeymoon? Best Kenya or Tanzania for a safari?

Kenya is possibly one of the best places to go on an African safari. We give you the information we use for our trip and that will answer all your questions to organize it step by step

1. What is the best time to go to Kenya? Choose your dates

Knowing that between March and June, and less so in October, they are rainy seasons in Kenya and we are looking for animals, it seems reasonable that it will be from July to September and in November, good time to find herbivores grazing in their large meadows. However, if we talk about Kenya, the Serengeti cycle has its maximum exponent in Masai Mara lands (Kenya) from July when wildebeest, zebras and other herbivores arrive looking for food and with them the great predators.

Honeymoon in Kenya: If you raise your honeymoon in those months, definitely choose your safari in Kenya. Outside those dates you will have more possibilities to see animal life at its best in the Tanzanian part of the Serengenti

The web of informs you live when the famous crossing of wildebeest through the Mara River takes place that opens the way to the rest and marks the beginning of the migration as well as at what time of the cycle it is but remember that there are millions of wildebeest! so you don't have to be the first day to see it

2. Design your itinerary and the type of safari in Kenya for free you want

Do we already have dates? It is time to choose our route or itinerary depending on the type of safari we want. There are photographic, night, aerial safaris ... but in general The most logical thing is to hire a 4x4 or van (also called a minbus) open on your roof, which will allow us to observe all the fauna in a comfortable way and with the least affection.

Regarding the itinerary, the day we finished our safari in Kenya and set off for Diani Beach, We told you our opinion but we reviewed it:

- Samburu for us it is essential, more familiar, more authentic. A perfect entry into the animal world as well as to know the customs of a tribe that survives in incredible conditions.

- He Nakuru LakeAlthough we were a little disappointed, we think it is essential to see the great white rhinoceros. Possibly Naivasha be much more expendable

- Masai Mara is the great "must have" of adventure. Everything we tell you will fall short.

- Amboseli and the concept of directed roads was for us an absolute plof, having passed through Samburu and Masai Mara. Today we would dispense with him.

Those with more budget can appreciate adding Tanzania to their route (Ngorongoro, Manyara, ...)

3. Do we end up on the beach? East Kenya, Zanzibar, Seychelles or Mauritius beaches

When you plan your safari in Kenya for free, keep in mind that the paper holds it all, but the roads of this country are hard (that's why we also recommend 4x4 instead of a van) and when you take 4 or 5 days seeing animals to many people It can be made heavy. A great option is usually combine the African safari with a few relaxing days at one of the nearby beaches (or not).

We opted for an economical option while being quite authentic, which are the Beaches south of Mombasa such as Diani (Yes, we would choose another complex). Zanzibar, although it is the territory of Tanzania, is also very well connected from Nairobi and it is a very chosen destination for honeymoons.

Those who are looking for something more exclusive, but that requires some extra hours, both Seychelles and Mauritius They are the most logical approach to combine with a safari in Kenya. You can also read our trip to Mauritius independent of Kenya

Any recommendation? We would return to Diani for proximity, time optimization, and because choosing a good accommodation are a very "Kenyan" option.

4. International flight

Unfortunately, We neither have direct flights from Spain to Nairobi, nor are there any great low-budget opportunities to get to the capital of Kenya. Between 800-1000 euros could be a very affordable rate considering that we are talking about high season in one of the most exclusive countries in the world.

5. Travel insurance and Flying Doctor

You already know our opinion about good travel insurance (!! never travel without one !!) and our good experience withIATI from of the trip to Switzerland, so do not miss more than 24 hours since you took the flight (so as not to lose the cancellation options) and take advantage of the 5% savings by clicking here (THE DISCOUNT APPLIES DIRECTLY AND ALREADY APPEARS IN THE PROCESS)

To older people, we in Africa contract a coverage called Flying doctor which is an air evacuation service to the medical services of Nairobi, although this is more a personal decision to suit the consumer.

6. Organizing a safari in Kenya for free

On the basis that this article obvious retailers, wholesalers and specialized agencies of small groups (we do not say it is a better or worse option but a different one), we will focus on the option of local agencies. And do it on your own? Under our experience, 80-90% of the experience of a safari in Africa is provided by a good guide, with his explanations, his ability to track animals, his knowledge of the stories and customs of the place, ... even above the lodgings. If you have time to "get lost" it can be a "beautiful adventure" to drive through the immense Masai Mara but ... is it really what you are looking for? Time is money, Grandma Chavetas said, and more if we talk about the exclusivity of a safari.

You must know that even if you contact local agencies, it is very possible that they are not the final operators of your safari, Since they subsequently hire their services to a specialized driver who usually works with them to pass their clients, so if you are one of those who do not mind improvising and you already have your dates, your itinerary, your flight and your insurance ... !! in Nairobi !! and you will have the opportunity to haggle whatever you want.

The other option is to use the internet (which we are no longer in the 90s) to contact the most reputable local agencies that offer their services and that you can read in the forums good experiences. We talk about All bresafaris, Damasafaris, Getinsafaris, Africa Safari Travel, Africa Home Adventure, Glory Safaris and Tabia Safaris ... and some of which we do not have information yet but they look good as Udare

SINCE 2015 WE GIVE YOU AN OPTION: We perform our services of safari in Kenya with Leshan, a Masai with 20 years of experience and own company. Our experience was EXCELLENT! and we tell you in Safari to Kenya and / or Tanzania cheap but it seems that in recent times he has stopped answering emails and even some people had problems so do NOT contract anything with him. Read more…

And what prices are we talking about?It is possibly the most complex question to answer since it is not the same if you go 6 than 2 people, as well as if you want 8 days or 15, or more or less exclusive accommodations. The intervals can range from 1500 euros / person to 4000 euros / person (or even more)

7. Decide the latest details and your accommodations

We have almost everything, and even several firm offers from which we have surely drawn some idea or suggestion that changes our initial plan. It's time to Finish deciding our adventure. Do you like the accommodations that have been offered or do you want the one you had between eyebrow and eyebrow? Ask for it! Both to increase the budget and to lighten it, you are on time until you close the services.

We made some mistake in that aspect, since there are places where you barely get to sleep almost dead of the day and do not deserve to raise the budget, and others where a swim at noon in the pool of the lodge is a well received option

Have we been able to correct these doubts? Do you want us to expand information on something specific? Of course there are more options, such as the one we were renting your own car, camping on the outskirts of the parks and eating your own food, which would make the budget even cheaper, although it is not the claim of this article. You will tell us how you are doing!

Paula and Isaac, re-organizing a safari in Kenya for free