Northern Lights in Finland (and visit the Snow Village)


How many times have we searched on Google "where to see Northern Lights?" "When is the best time?" "What are the best places to enjoy them?" Since we have reason, we dream of seeing that dance of the northern lights sometime in life. I recognize that we are fortunate to have been caught in the first week of April and these two previous days again letting us trick with Paula of them. What I didn't expect was a night as magical and special as the one we have experienced today of Northern Lights in Finland. It really has been all day, with a Spectacular snowmobile tomorrow and a visit to an incredible ice work, the Snow Village (VIDEO CHAPTER down here and the whole series in our YouTube channel)

Paula has resumed our investigation. Something told us that our stay in Levi was running out. The rental car will take us from tomorrow much further north.

Last activities for Levi ... snowmobile and reindeer farm!

Last day in Levi, new breakfast atLapland Hotel Sirkantähti and a day of new experiences ahead. When we prepare our stay in this beautiful town of Lapland beyond the Arctic Circle we always think it would be the perfect base for activities. From here our trip would change course and philosophy. What could be a perfect farewell excursion? Finally we decided to go on a snowmobile to a reindeer farm (or as Lapland Safaris he calls it in English "Snowmobile safari to a reindeer farm").

After one of the best experiences insnowmobile through the nearby woods, this was waiting for us again as a means of transport to approach a farm more than 1 hour. It was the perfect combination ... or so we thought

As we saw ina Sortland reindeer farm in Lofoten Islands, the reindeer and the traditional way of life of the Sami goes intrinsically relatedsince ancient times. We speak of one of the only indigenous peoples of the European community and a species of domesticated animals whose number is greater than that of people in Finland

The reindeer takes advantage of their skins, their flesh, their bones, their vitality and their tourist side, although with this reindeer sleigh ride today we didn't count absolutely.

It is a small turn of just 1 km that serves as an anteroom to an explanation that we will receive later on the reindeer in Lapland and the more than 200,000 reindeer that inhabit it, each with its owner

Formerly the reindeer was hunted but modernity has given way to farms where the reindeer is a domestic pets, marked by its owners in the ear having more than 10,000 different brands in Finland. What a good face they have!

Their diet is usually based on lichen and is responsible for allowing them to have such valuable skin (they say the best there are) with two different layers. Today Paula is responsible for feeding them so they don't go cold haha

In autumn they accumulate enough fat, begin to lose the horns (which grow stronger in spring and with more antlers) and prepare for the winter season. We already knew all this from our experience in Norway but here is something that has caught our attention, the special insistence on talking about summer mosquitoes

In Myself trip to Greenland I suffered the attacks of one of the fiercest animals on the planet. The polar bear will be thinking ... NO! I talk about mosquitoes "eat-lions". All these days we have heard each other talk about the Lapland mosquitoes. It seems that the fact that there are so many lakes makes that mosquito net that I thought I would never use again, would be essential here too. What do you think?

However, these same mosquitoes are good allies of the Sami since the reindeer, fleeing from them, regroup on hills or slopes facilitating the work of gathering farmers. !Time to drink that hot berry juice! and put route back

We said before we believed that the combination of "snowmobile and reindeer farm" could be a good parting option. We could not be more wrong. It is inevitable to compare all the activities carried out these days and, without a doubt, the huskies sled and the snowmobile They take the palm. The reindeer sled maybe needs the right context to "hook up", such as that reindeer sleigh safari to Santa Claus Villagebut framed in the same day with the snowmobile, lose bellows. Ready to continue?

On our excursion today, which we have not commented on, we are only ourselves, the guide and a young Australian who wants to snowmobile. This has made the Flexibility of the route could be modified along the way ... and this has been the best gift of the day! Instead of returning by the "easy" path, we have set a course on the top of the mountain of Levi among the most beautiful places we have seen throughout the trip

The sun of Levi reaches around 12'00 at its maximum height and a couple of hours later disappears again.


After searching for Rudolf, Santa's red-nosed reindeer, at the reindeer farm, has been in this place, in this privileged enclave of the Levi mountain, when we learned thatour trip had to continue further north to recover the trail of the white beard, fat socks and red suit. We will do it tomorrow

It is the most beautiful sun we have seen all these days, interspersed by those shades of bright whites and blues that leave ice and snow around us

The complicated thing came to get out of here, haha, when our expert guide told us that "Let's not touch the brake too much not to skate". Come on, something that seems obvious but when the snowmobile picked up speed one was tempted enough to give it "a little" ...

... but we did it! Safe and sound! Today, in addition, we would take advantage of the fact that they came to bring us the rental car that we had reserved to eat our packaged food that we bring from Spain on all trips (and never miss, jaa)

Visit the Snow Village by car from Levi

Car rental? Those who know us, know that We are lovers of the routes by car wherever we go. Here it was not going to be less. After reaching Rovaniemi on an internal flight and using it as a base for the "world of Santa Claus" and moving to Levi by public bus and using it for the best nature activities, we just needed to drive along the snowy roads of Lapland. !We changed the snowmobile for the car!

A BMW? LOL! It's not that we asked for it so but it seems that they had sold out the mid-range cars we had requested and here we are. We will not say no, right ?. You already know that we use car rental comparators, usuallyRentalcars, who get better prices when making volume reservations than the companies themselves (we will tell you more in an article for Finland) although in this case there is a trick. We chose Europcar because even if you take the car at "Kittila Airport", they allow you to pick up at "Kittilä, Levi Ski Resort" (calling them before) whose address is "C / O Lapland Hotel Sirkatahati", that is ... OUR HOTEL! We install the GPS we bring prepared from Spain, we check everything ... and there we go

Driving on snow, the grip of the winter wheels and the orientation, we will talk to you more tomorrow. Today we had a short route defined and we didn't want it to be too dark at night. Our destination is the Snow Village in Lainiotie 566, Kittilä

He Snow village it's something like a work of art of ice and snow that every year emerges in an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters become hotel with rooms, restaurant, ice bar and even a chapel

Up to here, daily visits come from both Levi and Yllas, both for free as for us as on excursion (worth it) although what officially inaugurated between December 13-16 so we had to send them an email before to be allowed to see it

As you enter, a wide reception receives you. Here are those privileged people who spend a night in this place (prices are very variable, better consult). Right and left 20 million kilos of snow and 350,000 kilos of ice they transform into hundreds of forms, rooms and halls decorated to the last detail

The different shades of ice with careful lighting are forming different atmospheres as you walk through the enclosure

A chapel, a kind of small museum and many rooms almost finished but, without a doubt, they are its snow suites the ones that impress

Ice sculptures, mosaics, different themes and impossible designs are distributed in around 30 rooms They have a kind of mattress that seems comfortable, sleeping bag to fight the cold and much love

The temperature, for those who ask about the cold, is around -2 to -5ºC so that all this can be maintained even if spending a night here, among this unlikely art has to be an unforgettable experience. You may not sleep much, but few people can say that he spent a night in such a place

As we will not be able to do it because it is not open yet, we continue our visit (which can be done by anyone from 10 am to 10 pm - last entry at 9m -) to the other part of the complex. Here is the ice bar

In a more reserved part there is also the restaurant and a bar where the freshest drinks They can't be It seems that here they put you typical Lapland food distributed in a kind of 3-course tasting menu to complete a perfect evening

We loved it. If one day we return to this area of ​​the planet we will try to sleep in a place of this style if the budget allows. This time it was reserved for the days of Saariselka and new surprises

Northern Lights in Finland for the third consecutive night

After returning to Levi, have some coffees (3.90 EUR) and buy the last gifts (19.90 EUR),we have dined peacefully in the Renna restaurant (our favorite) Although today we have cared for moving to carpaccio, pasta, risotto and various desserts (69.20 EUR). Everything, absolutely everything, is rich in this place. It wasn't even 9pm when with an unusual intensity, the sky began to leave beautiful sparkles and dances from the northern lights for the third consecutive night with a difference ... today we have a car!

So, we have put towards the outskirts to approach the frozen lake where yesterday we enjoyed the Finnish smoke sauna. The northern lights of Finland illuminate everything right now ... It's beautiful! Unique moments that Lapland gives

The pity is that we left the objective 11-16mm and the command with the rush and the photos are not the best in the world but perhaps that also allowed us to focus more on living the moment, completely alone, among the snowy forests, the frozen lake and a privileged location of this wild land

To those who ask you, Where to see northern lights in Finland? Although we comment on it, from September to March (even the first weeks of April) there are many possibilities to see them in a whole belt that travel the northern part of the planet and which in Finland translates as best places to see them from Utsjoki north to Rovaniemi, including from north to south, Ivalo, Saariselka, Kakslauttanen, Levi, Yllas, Sodankylä (where the national observatory is located), etc ... The further north, the greater the probability.

Here, under the night of levi, at times the auroras were fluorescent green and appeared behind the trees, then large halos that crossed the sky. Sometimes they danced and others remained immobile.

Someday we will wonder what day of the trip to Finnish Lapland It was the one we liked the most. Hard to decide, right? A few days the world of Santa Claus, others of native fauna or snowshoes, fairytale villages, unreal landscapes and smoke saunas. Today was another incredible day where snowmobile, reindeer and unique places like the Snow Village formed a unique day but where the night of northern lights of Finland put a gold brooch that only nature could give us

Isaac and Paula, from Levi (Finland)