9 Christmas shops to decorate your tree


Can you imagine bringing bits of Christmas magic from every place in the world? This ball is from Peru. This reindeer from Germany. And do you remember where this star was? !Yes! !Yes! !!From Switzerland!! And it is that putting the Christmas tree is to remember the trips of each year, collecting Christmas decorations in every corner of the planet. Today, taking advantage of our return of our annual Christmas trip, we tell you our Favorite Christmas stores around the world to decorate the tree ... What are yours?

It is a time for markets. Who knows, maybe our destiny will take us to one of them ... but you can see these Christmas shops throughout the year. !! We always enter head first !! We love this time of year.

Christmas shop in Munich (Germany)

It is possible that if we had to put chronology on this list of Christmas ornaments, it would be that of Munich The first one we remember with love. We were leaving the Church of San Pedro when we saw that huge animated snowball in that shop window.

Entering that wooden shop was like getting into a story where Papa Noeles, nativity figures and colored lights are protagonists

The companions of Red crab They also went to Christmas in northern Germany last year and discovered their own.

Christmas shop in Bergen (Norway)

If Bergen's beautiful snapshot is her Bryggen, that chain of colorful buildings that enclose businesses of all kinds, the multi-storey Christmas shop that shelters this old pier does not leave indifferent

Not even the high Norwegian prices could with us ... !!those reindeer were already taking place in our house!! And is that Bergen in 1 day He had many of those experiences that one does not forget when returning home.

Christmas shop in Hallstatt (Austria)

But if we talked about stories before, what would you say about entering Hallstatt, a true story town A New Year's Day with one of the most beautiful, picturesque and handmade corners of Christmas decorations that we have ever seen.

There are two nice figures who opened our first floor and whether these parties or not, they look proud representing that first trip together. Those came from a shelf in this place.

Christmas shop in Berrima (Australia)

If you asked us about the place in the world where we had never imagined that there would be an establishment from where to bring another piece of magic, that would surely be Berrima, a stop we made the day we were heading to visit Canberra.

We recognize that the "HoHoHo" that decorates the table every year since then it comes from that Berrima's Christmas Shop ... !! and that breakfast was great too !!

Christmas shop in Rovaniemi (Finland)

Well, rather being precise in the Santa Claus Village 8 km from Rovaniemi on the imaginary line that inscribes the Arctic Circle. It really isn't a shop in itself but Santa's Post Office full of gifts and souvenirs to send from there to everyone

From here millions of packages, envelopes and gifts for everyone go beyond every year that those who properly the old man with white beard distributes every Christmas night

Best of all, you don't need to go at Christmas time to buy or send your memories for the tree. It works all year! They came with us some renitos and a boot that already look in ours.

Christmas shop in Salzburg (Austria)

The Salzburg New Year's Eve and those streets of the old city dedicated exclusively to Christmas, its skating rink, the beautiful Müllnersterg bridge and its hot food stalls, made us fall in love from the moment we arrived.

But it was, without a doubt, that Mozart Square Store the one that caught our attention before the grapes (which we brought from Spain, since they are not celebrated there). Who would have had more budget then!

Bethlehem Christmas Store (Palestine)

If the baby Jesus came from Bethlehem, where will the most special corners have to be for all kinds of Christmas decorations? The reality that we are today is far from the times when the Magi chased the star to go to visit the child born in a portal, but behind the Church of the Nativity (! Wonderful!) There are a street of artisans that leads to the Grotto of the milk, where the local wood is worked creating the most beautiful, authentic and handmade Christmas nativity scenes and products for the tree that we have ever seen

But, since we were in Bethlehem ... !! a "portal" of Bethlehem!! Said and done. Today it looks next to the tree and is part of our first piece of a future birth.This year it's time to buy the Magi !!!

Riquewhir's Christmas shop in Alsace (France)

Of course, if we talk about Christmas could not miss the capital in Europe ...! Alsace! In this region of France there are true story sets where you immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere and, within it, you will find the Riquewhir's Christmas shop callKäthe Wohlfahrt, a classic in many places already

We will call it a store to say something, because it is a true decoration village within Riquewhir itself, where taking a tour of several floors you dive into the wooden house until you inevitably take a lantern or anything else for your own home

There is also in Rothenburg, Heidelberg, Rüdesheim, Bamberg, Nürnberg, Berlin, Oberammergau, Garmisch Partenkirchen, Bruges ...

Christmas shop of Stein Am Rhein (Switzerland), our favorite

!Voucher! !We got wet! What would our ideal Christmas store be like? Imagine a fairytale town like Hallstatt, where its streets are surrounded by medieval buildings, centuries-old paintings and shops with all kinds of decorations, gifts and Christmas products. Now let's imagine an establishment in this place whose large figure holding a candle invites us to enter

Its interior immerses you in an imaginary world of flying trains, balls hanging from the ceiling, sofas where you can have tea surrounded by colored lights that flash and Christmas music dreaming.

Shelves, furniture, pantries, cabinets, ... all full of exclusive clay, ceramic, wood or pvc figurines, which makes it difficult to decide on any particular one

Well, to all of the above, if it is magical in itself, add that above you can eat there (sandwiches and some hot products) while thinking about filling Santa's second sack to take you home, haha. !! This is our favorite store, it is in Stein Am Rhein and it is in a beautiful route from Zurich to Liechtenstein within Switzerland !!

But surely this immense world is full of these corners that fill our house with magic every Christmas. Do you tell us yours? !! We promise to go someday !!

Paula and Isaac, dreaming of a new Christmas