How to travel to Botswana? Mobile safari


I read once that, next to the great Serengeti that covers the plains of Kenya (Masai Mara) and Tanzania, Botswana still preserves the spaces of the wildest nature of life on the planet. Whenever I saw those great documentaries I asked myself "How to travel to Botswana and live fully the nature of its parks without adultery? "

Much of its authenticity lies in the strict work of the country itself, which, since its independence in 1962, has been aware of the fragile habitat and ecosystems that safeguarded its territory, one of the most common in those reports that we have all seen.

How to travel to Botswana? By free or specialized agency?

Over time one learns to enjoy other pleasures and values ​​that he did not have years ago. Learn that traveling is not collecting countries (although I have always loved to count them). Learn that although your essence is that ability to prepare any trip for free, reaching certain privileged places on the planet is not always within one's reach. Learn that you no longer enrich the places you see, but the moments you live and those are not put in the itinerary paper.

When we started to look at how to travel to Botswana, being 2 people, we realized that it is a continent that conserves a degree of exclusivity important. Entering the wildest area requires a minimum of a 4x4 vehicle ($ 100 per day), gasoline (consume 12 l / 100km), park tickets, accommodations and food, to which to add flights (1000 euros per person). By Sele's experience for free years ago, none of that guaranteed us the experience we were looking for sleeping in the heart of wild nature and doing real crawls. Being only 2, although the adventure was guaranteed (sometimes you are looking for another type of trip), we were not going to find it and we would enter into the typical concerns of carrying another can of gasoline just in case, etc ... (EYE! The adventure we love and it is another experience in itself, but it is not - if we would do it in Namibia or South Africa, for example, in another field-)

It was then that we decided that our option, on this occasion, was going through a real specialized agency that, without intermediaries, had a really differentiating proposal, whether to travel to Botswana or elsewhere in the wildest Africa.

And why travel to North Bostwana?

We said in the first look at a "trip to Botswana in 15 days"That if someone searched for" the best places on the planet to go on a safari "they would always find the same answers. Masai Mara in Kenya, Serengeti and Ngorongoro in Tanzania, Krugger Park in South Africa, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda,Murchison Falls in Uganda, Ethosa in Namibia, Hwange in Zimbabwe and the Okavango, Moremi and Chobe Delta in Botswana.

Botswana congregates in the north of its territory some of the most privileged environments in the world, where the highest concentrations of elephants or hippos, giraffes and many predators can be observed. But entering some of the wildest places involves a series of sacrifices. We would go into an area of ​​mud roads, sand roads and waterways, where speeds are very low. For example, reaching Kasane from Savute can reach 8 hours. That's where the great teachings that our grandparents transmitted to us come in ... "whoever takes a lot of space, the less he tightens up"in addition to realizing the difficulties involved in going free without the company of another vehicle

He Okavango Delta (which we read is unfeasible by free in forums like tripadvisor), Moremi, Savute or Chobe are our goals. We want to enter through Maun and not abandon nature to Victoria Falls, without alternative routes that go via Nata that do not enter the heart of the parks or that "sting" but do not explore them and less route them.

He North of Botswana is our destiny, one that this year has cost to choose more than ever for the high number of requirements we were looking for. Have we become too demanding?

Which specialized agency to travel to Botswana with?

The great problem arrived in a country where 30% is declared a national park, the limitation of tourism businesses is large and focuses on sustainable building materials and the concept of "maximum exclusivity". Our "joy in a well" when we began to verify that the specialized agencies that existed to travel to Botswana based in lodges in the interior of nature did not fall below 700 euros / night !!THE CHEAPEST!! (There were some who asked us up to € 1500 / night).

Later, our adventure partners Oscar and Reyes would confirm that they made a comparison with more than 8 local agencies and reached the same conclusions. The solution went camping and there only the "Kananga" concept of the large collaborative task trucks came to mind.

There are a lot of different agencies of the same type to travel to Botswana like,,,, and, above all, the Common trucks of Kananga, Nomad, Ratpanat, Marco Polo. He had not convinced us anything for the following reasons:

- Although it is not something that I dislike (the recent trip to Greenland was a lot of experience in groups), in the same year it is not the type of trip we were looking for. It is a hard dynamic to pick up and set up camps, cook running shifts, etc ... although in some somewhat more expensive programs you don't have to do it
- They are groups of up to 20 and 30 people. Are they not too many?
- They do not enter the heart of the parks with these trucks and, of course, less camp in them
- Not enough time is spent exploring and less intense crawling

Finally our decision to travel to Botswana appeared almost by chance, when searching on the internet we reached one such Mopane Game Safaris ...

... a small company with still few years of life, born from the passion and enthusiasm of a group of Spaniards to bring a different concept to the heart of Botswana. It was a good starting point.

Why Mopane Game Safaris?

First, because his name caught our attention from the beginning. "Mobile Safari in North Botswana" from the agency Mopane Game SafarisWhat was it about?

A camp that moves with us through the parks, with the permits already managed, in the heart of the nature of Moremi and Savuti, no electrified fences, but with a product designed by Spaniards for Spaniards that includes hot water, good food and drink (including beer and wine) without additional costs and even beds with box springs, while one only deals with enjoying 100% safaris oriented to the intense tracking of the wildest wildlife beyond the usual hours. A different and unique trip. You already have the review of our mobile camp

From all of the above, the ingredients for the safari concept that we were looking for, and that met our objectives:

1. We wanted ENJOY of the natural parks, without hitting us long journeys every day. Be able to have 2 or 3 days to do safaris in Moremi, Savute or Chobe
2. We wanted DIFFERENTIATING EXPERIENCES, being able to enter the heart of the parks and integrate with nature almost alone. We are not looking for a contact trip with villages but of unlimited wildlife and animal life, including the traditional overflights over the Okavango Delta or furrowing its canals and lagoons
3. We wanted EXCLUSIVENESS, traveling with a very small group of people and not in those groups of more than 20 and 30 that we sometimes saw to travel to Botswana and other places in Africa
4. We wanted PLACES THAT STOP TIME. Camping in the middle of nature? Sleep on an island in the middle of Delta? The closest hotel to Victoria Falls?
5. We wanted A GOOD GUIDE. We both agreed on that. After my experience in Kenya, an expert guide it's 80% of a trip. It tells you anecdotes, stories, tracks better than anyone and makes you dive into the environment in which you find yourself. If you speak Spanish, then better.

The experience was complete with one day on an island of the Okavango Delta, which allowed the mobile camp to advance to Savuti while we enjoyed that mokoro or garden that the river produces when it flows into the desert.

We made our numbers with another type of collaborative camp options that, in addition, in the case of Botswana, passed almost through the parks and the difference was around € 200 (as of the date of this trip). ! Awarded! !We had the operator to travel to Botswana! under our conditions

Opinion of a mobile safari with Mopane Game Safaris

When I started writing this blog, it will be on the date of this article already 10 years, I admit that it was one of those who thought that only an experience organized by yourself generated that degree of complete self-realization. Years later I know that In certain exotic destinations there are true experts in making you feel a unique traveler in little explored places on the planet. Travel to Antarctica, travel to the Norwegian Arctic in the Svalbard, travel to Greenland or now travel to Botswana.

Final Post-Journey Verdict:

I can only have positive words from our experience. Everything has gone perfectly and, above all, we have achieved that authentic and absolute immersion with nature itself, without fences that separate us, without adulterating beyond the comforts of the mobile camp. An exceptional product that we would definitely recommend to anyone but, above all, of professionals who make safaris and intense traces far away from the adventure that one could do on their own. What better than a fact, when Sele went for free a few years ago saw 1 lioness every day on this trip we have seen !! 61 lions! Leopards hunting, babies leopard, lycaons, desert foxes, elephants carrying lions, lions hunting a buffalo (almost impossible to see live) ... Need we say more? Many thanks to the whole team and the group for their positive energy!

All the photos in this article are after the trip, so those of the experience have been used except the header that is owned by the image bank to which we are subscribed from

Isaac, from the garden of Africa in Botswana