Las Vegas, Caesars Palace and neon lights


Who was going to tell us when we always saw him so distant and unattainable? Our passage through Hawaii ended but a world of neon lights and game, a city in the middle of the desert, and one of the most impressive hotels we have ever stayed in, opened before us. Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Before, today was our last day on this island paradise, modernized and civilized but after all paradise, since as we all know Hawaii is one more state of the United States and therefore, the paradisiacal part is related to its nature more That with the kind of life on the island.

From Hawaii to Las Vegas, via Los Angeles

Since they would not come to look for us in the afternoon to go to the airport and catch our one-way flight to Las Vegas with a stop in Los Angeles, we took advantage of the morning at the hotel pool, enjoying the last dip in that incredible place.

East newspaper is counting offline years later (2016) and, unlike the rest, it has more sentimental value than practical data for the traveler (although it can be inspiring), representing that "great trip" that we all have and possibly being the final drop that led a family to be traveling Keys 😉

At about noon we took a bus to downtown Honolulu to go to eat and make some last minute deals of typical Hawaiian flowered shirts and the odd thing of those that you always remember later

We ate in a mall the typical American food that at that time was not so widespread in our country and that as I said on several occasions, I did not like it much, thankfully that our hotel days were much better in terms of food than everything what was offered abroad, saving the fruit, of course, which was extraordinary throughout the island.

Well, that day was a bit of a wait because until nine at night they wouldn't come to look for us, so they gave us at the hotel a provisional room to take a shower and continue enjoying the beach and the pools until dinner time in an Italian restaurant of the hotel itself.

At the agreed time they picked us up to go to the airport and take the plane that would take us to Las Vegas with stopover in Los Angeles, but it was not a very lucky flight since, once embarked, we spent more than two hours waiting to take off and nobody gave us an explanation. In the end we deduced that there was a problem in one of the doors and that prevented us from taking off. In order that we spent two hours quite heavy, thinking that we would lose our connecting flight to Las Vegas, as we would discover on our arrival.

We finally got off the ground and flew back to the West Coast of the United States for five hours that were endless for those of us who couldn't sleep like me. He gave us one a certain nostalgia to leave behind those islands of clean and supernatural colors in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to which we would probably never return, because it is already known that when you decide to travel you usually choose places to discover where you have never been, especially when they are as far away as this one. Only those most affordable in every way are usually repeated.

Las Vegas in style ... The Caesar Palace!

After multiple races through the Los Angeles airport in search of the terminal where our flight to Las Vegas was leaving and, without knowing which way our bags were taking, before such lack of control due to the enormous delay of departure, We finally got to embark and leave for our new destination. Once there we could verify that our briefcases had arrived before us and were waiting for us in a corner of the baggage claim room. Before such a delay no one expected us upon arrival, we took a taxi to our hotel that was neither more nor less than one of the most emblematic and oldest hotels in Las Vegas ... The Caesars Palace !!

Once in our room, a message was waiting for us that communicated our pick-up time the next day to fly over to the "Grand Canyon" which was the main objective we had gone there.

After a short break after such a little night flying and kicking terminals, we decided explore our famous hotel and eat something in one of its many restaurants.

That was awesome. A tremendously large, thematic hotel and of course with an incredible casinowhere one could not know if it was night or day, since people played in their game rooms all day without stopping.

There were the multiple slot machines, the black jack tables, the private poker rooms, the gigantic bingos, etc. Everything was on a giant scale, then there was its 360º cinema, its thematic shopping center, decorated as if it were ancient Rome, with its talking and moving statues and its vault, where it dawned and dusk every so often.

We were touring all this unique atmosphere part of the afternoon, although we were not able to explore all the great hotel we were in for lack of time. Everything was spectacular, but our two days there, did not allow us to get through all that. Amazing was all that fantastic world unknown until then to us.

And the time came whenand we went out through one of the doors of the hotel and we were even more stunned when checking that all that cold city ​​built in the middle of the desert that we contemplated on our way to the hotel that same noon had become a colorful and full of glowing neon lights full of life, of a somewhat particular life in which everything revolved around the casinos and the game, as well as the spectacle that was the street itself.

We walked for a while those roads that surrounded the hotel contemplating open-mouthed everything that surrounded us, including an artificial volcano at the entrance of the Mirage.

The truth is that we were so tired that it was impossible to continue the tour and Miriam who at that time was only 11 years old and kept telling us that she wanted to sleep, that she was exhausted, we decided to end the day to get up early the next day in what was our great objective, to fly over the "Grand Canyon" and of course, to walk along its enormous precipices.

It concluded a day in which our retinas had to assimilate so much diverse and unknown until then for us All the photos are our own - scanned of those analog reels - except some used as resources of the database to which we are subscribed from Shuttershock

Mª Carmen (and the Chavetas family)