Prague Black Theater: schedules, prices and magic


We are many who look for these alternative plans, whether places or activities, when planning any getaway, what if? Do we tell you one (not as unknown as before) that we really liked in our trip to Prague? ! Aim! He Prague Black Theater It is a visit that will not disappoint you and where you can enjoy a totally different work from the ones you are used to.

We tell you a little more about the different black theaters, works and tickets, in case you want to include it in your route through the beautiful Czech city.

What is the Black theater in Prague?

The Black Theater in Prague is based on an optical trick which takes advantage of the imperfection of the human eye, unable to distinguish black over black. The trick itself is very simple ... an actor dressed in black on a black background.

Such a simple principle, whose foundations were created perhaps thousands of years ago in the so-called black cabinet of ancient Asia, achieves a truly creative and effective illusion, without a doubt.

But if we keep going back in the history of the existence ofPrague Black Theater, already the famous playwright KS Stanislavskij used this technique in the thirties of the last century and even today it is still used in live shows as the famous illusionist does David Copperfield.

You want to know our opinion on the Black theater in Prague?

We visited this type of show on DAY 4 of our stay in the beautiful cityif you want to know what we wrote live and hot that day

Around the trick itself, music, expressive dance and the use of specific resources without the use of spoken words, endow the result with the ingredients of the complete work.

Different Black Theaters in Prague

Black Light Image Theater

Has 26 years of experience in the Prague black theater scene. In addition to regular performances, the image is also performed internationally (Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, Israel, Turkey, India, Lebanon, Greece, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, Cyprus).

It is the one we choose, very simple and affordable, as well as central in your route through the city.

The main work of this site is Life is life and his main claim is based on what is "the only one of the black theaters that discovers his secret"at the end of the work

The show lasts around 80 minutes, although all often (without pause). As in many others, it is not possible to take photos except in the final trick demonstration.

Direction: Národní 961/25, Prague. Phone: +420 221 085 276. Schedule: From Monday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Ticket price: adult rate, 480 CZK (€ 18), children 240 CZK (€ 9). Web page:

Jiri Srnec

It is the first Black theater in the world and already more than 5 million spectators have gone to their performances. It also belongs to the most important representatives of Czech art in the world.

He has been recognized by the Czech president Jiri Srnec, the founder of the Black Theater in Pragueand was awarded the highest prize in the state on October 28, 2011.

Direction: Na Prikope 852/10, Prague. Phone: +420 774 574 475. Schedule: from Sunday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Ticket price: adult fare, CZK 580 (€ 22), student fare, CZK 500 (€ 19). Web page:

Magic Lantern

Director Alfred Radok and the set designer Josef Svoboda they introduced their peculiar theatrical form in Brussels and titled it Magic Lantern. The essence lies in the connection of cinema and theater, it is a kind of “new media show”.

Radok and Svoboda use the projection to take it to more screens, synchronizing individual theatrical and cinematographic elements, organizing their internal rhythm in a multi-gender.

Direction: Jungmannova 31, Prague. Phone: +420 224 901 448. Entry prices from 390 to 590 CZK. Web page:

Prague Black Theater Ta Fantastika

Since its inception in the 1980s, Ta Fantastika has brought more intensive work with actors and dramatic situations to the poetry of black theater.

He has pioneered the use of unique and patented tricks as actors flying in space in front of the audience's eyes, or giant screen projections combined with live action and larger than normal puppets. However, visual creativity and the integration of live music and singing are not lacking.

Direction: Karlova, 186/8, Prague. Phone: +420 222 221 366. Box Office Hours: Monday to Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Price: seats, 720 CZK, folding chairs, 390 CZK. Web page:

An outstanding work? Aspects of Alice

If there is a work that stands out in the Prague black theater is Aspects of Alice (in Spanish, Alice in Wonderland)

It has been presented in more than thirty countries, on three continents. Imagination in performance, poetry and perfect technical tricks makes it a very entertaining show. The story begins at a point where Alice approaches the end of her childhood. The author evokes the imagination of all the beautiful moments of flat growths, their first loves, adulthood, understanding of life, laughter, crying, joy and sadness.

The duration is 90 minutes and is represented in the previous theater, Ta Fantastika, for a price around € 27.

Have we encouraged you to enjoy a Black theater performance in Prague on your visit to this city? We did it and we know it won't let you down! (or so we hope, but we would not dare to recommend it, hehe)

Isaac and Paula, from Prague (Czech Republic)