Cantabria Oriental Rural in 7 reasons


Imagine for a moment a truly alternative plan in Spain. One that takes you to a place where real disconnection exists to such an extent that ancestors speak to us. Where the first settlers left their vestiges in the form of paleolithic cave art caves or megalithic complexes, or where the summits of the Guriezo Valley saw the defense of a people against the most powerful Roman empire. Also with its medieval era or the search for the future in America for others. Cantabria Oriental Rural is a great unknown to many (including us) and it wasn't until a couple of years ago that we began to know about its existence ...

Everyone knows the San Vicente de la Barquera, Santillana, Comillas, Suances, Cabárceno Nature Park, Liérganes, Vega del Pas, Puente Viesgo or Santander (and we hope to return soon) ... but yesterday we told you our intention to meet "5 + 1 new destinations" and discover those most ignored or isolated corners.

7 reasons to travel to Cantabria Oriental Rural that have convinced us

We're going to the Asón region - Agüera-Trasmiera, a different plan within the North of Spain, in search of that escape from the stress of the city to unadulterated corners sometimes difficult to find. A few reasons why choose Cantabria Oriental Rural?

1. Because it is a great unknown, which is usually related to the absence of mass tourism, which calls curiosity to know on the road without too much prior information.

2. By acoast of steep cliffs and coves still in the wild where to bathe or relax outside the world

3. For some of its natural environments, especially a Natural Park (the one of the Collados del Asón) of rich landscape without limits, with the waterfalls that give birth to the rivers Asón and Gándara.

4. Because it is a land full of legends, myths and stories from a past of different cultures and settlements, from the oldest to the most important civilizations, which leave a legacy of historical heritage - artisticof incalculable value, such as the Sanctuary of the Well Appeared (Patroness of Cantabria).

5. Because it is an area where the disconnection with the city is real, high mountains and valleys embedded, of lost villages and hidden secrets to be discovered by the traveler, starting with their architectural heritage

6. Because he has one of the best cave network (with more than 4000) from Spain, especially some of the most important of the Paleolithic rock art.

7. Why return to Cantabria for its extraordinary Cantabria gastronomyIt is always worth it, for which we will try to try all the dishes we can. A mountain stew? Now that temperatures fall again it can be a great success

Different, unknown, disconnection, diversity ... do you need more reasons than this D poker?

How many days are we leaving? And with what route?

We are leaving 4 days from A Coruña, although for everything we have "investigated" you could be there 15 days and continue discovering new things. Upon our return you will have all the information to prepare your getaway with everything we find out about this area of ​​Cantabria that promises many great moments

Some of the municipalities and places we have pointed out (+ info at for our visiting purposes are:

- Santoña, a stop to "load" some anchovies and something else?
- Liendo and a different coast
- Route of interior villages: Clean, Ampuero, Rasines, Ramales de la Victoria
- Some Prehistoric Cave: Covalanas?
- Any wine cellar? They say they are exceptional
- Rural houses and accommodation of the most picturesque and rural
- Hiking through the P.N. Collados, the birth of the Ansón and any waterfall?
- Part of our history, in the form of Hermitages, canteranos of the Middle Ages and much more
- Vote, Solórzano, Estrambasaguas, ...

As always, we will tell you in our networks and in the live blog itself ... if the disconnection allows us Google Photos and miguelortizfernandez

Isaac and Paula, road of the unknown Rural Eastern Cantabria