Enjoying Disneyland Tokyo


As we told yesterday we arrived at JAPOOOOOOONNNNN. The intensity yesterday was not the same and a country like this deserves a different intonation since it leaves no one indifferent and neither does we. Isaac had already enjoyed in a previous trip to this magnificent country but I do not and I am hallucinating literally, it is a world apart with a culture very different from any other, scrupulously designed, organized and taken care of ...

And how could it be otherwise we will continue a custom already very cottages (although this is more influence of the Isaac Fathers than of the grandmother) to visit the amusement parks that we find on our trip and with special desire we will visit TOKYO DISNEYLAND AND TOKYO DISNEYSEA, the only parks that are not run by the Walt Disney Company, unlike other places here we can enjoy two parks, one next to the other, the first with the magic that the Disney world gives off (and that we already enjoyed at the beginning of our Honey Sun in Los Angeles) and the second with the theme of all those adventure movies that we like so much. With the visit to this park, Isaac completes the list of having been in all the Disney parks as they are Disneyland Los Angelesin 1992 and on this trip, Eurodisney Paris on that trip all over Europe in 1993, Disneyworld Orlandoin 1991 and Disney Hong Kong last year. !!!It is that deep down it is just like a small child !!!!!

Like every day we will be in Japan, we get up very early to make the most of the day and of course today more than ever because Mickey awaits us, here, on the other side of the world. Leaving breakfast for another time we leave our Ryokan towards the train station that will take us directly to Tokyo Disneyland, we can't resist have a juice (240 YEN) in these vending machines that we will find everywhere and that they have all kinds of drinks inside some very cool and original boats that make you want to take them all, we will not get to that but some will fall for another of the multiple collections that we take out of our sleeve and that we can not resist when we leave Travel.


As we want to be the first, or almost, to enter Disney, we take the train at Shibuya station (760 YEN) that allows us to be in the park about nine o'clock and thus enjoy the whole day.

Entering this subway station and being stunned is all one. It is first hour of almost the first day and I am already surprising (what will remain) ... a huge station, with many people everywhere who curiously do not collide with each other, and all placed in a painted lines on the ground where the train will stop exactly, and carefully you will depart, all on the same side, so that people first leave and you can enter, but there is more, the arrival of the train is announced with a catchy little music that they could have taken out of It's A Small World that the Chavetas family likes so much, and there are still more, all the Japanese but practically without exception, they fall asleep on the train, go where they go, last a long or short journey and do not pass their stop.

We have arrived at Disney (12,400 YEN) and although we have been early risers there are already a lot of queue to get inIf so, who doesn't like to feel like a child at some time? Here there are two differentiated parks, but our first objective is the mythical one: Tokyo Disneyland


We really enjoyed the day, after leaving in the lockers everything that weighed (300 YEN) getting on everything we could, or rather, they left us, because the amount of people that had you had to wait a long time for any attraction. In some we were lucky and we got Fast pass To not have to wait. Some of the favorites were not missing ... Pirates of the Caribbean, one of Isaac's favorites ...


… a jungle cruise seeing all kinds of animals (... cardboard-stone) ...


… the Robinson Crusoe's house, another of the great classics of the park ...


The big Thounder Mountain, the mining mountain, They would be the first ones we got on.


He park, magical, like everyone else, with its spectacular scenery and even a hotel with a name that is something familiar to us, Elias, as always reminding us where we are going hehe (here he has his own house, !! a big hug keys!). Meanwhile, breakfast falls and some other morning snack (1,620 YEN) and an ice cream that lends itself a day like today (300 YEN)

And what could not be missing, is to mimic the place where we are. Yes in Los Angeles they had been Mickey and Miniey caps, here in Tokyo Disney will be your ears and your mittens (3,900 YEN), but what a good thing we have left !!!!!!

After another snack (200 YEN), which is very necessary because of the heat it makes, we continue with our route, now it touches a 3D movie, which we also love, the house of the seven dwarfs


… the Visit Alice in Wonderland and of course I could not miss ... !! It's A Small World !! , the star attraction of the daddies of Isaac, to end in the area of ​​the future with the Space mountain (where we have also managed to pass thanks to the Fast Pass)

It is already late in the afternoon and time to change the park, we say goodbye to a fantasy world (and some familiar face) and we take the mythical monorail that accompanies all the Disney theme parks (250 YEN) and that leaves us In a new dream place.


We are entering Tokyo Disneysea (12,400 Y), one of the most visited parks in the world and that now has two more, hehe.

To a large extent it has a distribution very similar to that already seen in thetrip to Florida in 1991 inEpcot center.


After taking a map and studying it thoroughly, we discovered one of the attractions that Isaac is most excited to find and that could not be other than "Journey to the Center of the Earth", which has a giant Volcano and is the star attraction of the park set in the stories of Jules Verne, specifically in his book Vulcania, we do have to wait an hour and a half in line! but we can't miss it


We continue, after eating on the fly (1,240 YEN) and refresh ourselves again (300 Y), with Indiana Jones Adventure where Isaac will have to drive through the cursed temple and who is also one of his favorites after trying it on our trip start at Disneyland Los Angeles

... we stroll through the worlds of Sinbad the Marine


and by The city of Aladin was happy …


... until we get into a very storm, in The Center Weather Control, where we take advantage of a small snack (1,200 YEN)


Of course here, the day flies by and although we would like to have seen everything is impossible in a single day, we have to seriously consider coming a whole week just to visit these parks and enjoy each and every one of its attractions but this time we have no margin.

Well yes, for one last thing yes, enjoy a night fireworks show, the Fantasmic, which is celebrated in the central lake of the park and that puts the finishing touch to a day full of magic.

Isaac remembers his father, a lover of this show and his catchy music, which we already brought home there by 1991. It is still really incredible.


Around the ten o'clock at night we arrive at our starting point Shibuya willing to savor Japanese food


We do not have to search much since our steps are directed to a specific place that Isaac had seen in the morning on the way to the station, theDaidokoya Sushi and in which we would start to taste the first dish of our imaginary list of Japanese food: Sushi, which although in general is expensive, here in this Kaiten Sushi or Rotating Sushi (the restaurant consists of a kind of bar where customers eat and Sushi is rolling around the table automatically) is quite cheap and you can eat until you can no longer for very little money (1,850 YEN of which 600 YEN is a beer that Isaac craves), right Isaac? (you can read more ideas from "Japanese dishes to eat in Japan")

If you want something else you can order any of the dishes that are advertised on the wall and they prepare it instantly. Water, as in all restaurants in Japan, is included, as is green tea.


We have loved it and it will become part of our favorite places to eat Sushi here in Tokyo.


There is not much left to organize than the return we have in a few days and we already have the Bristish tickets

Now, with a full belly, we can go back to our ryokan to gain strength to continue seeing amazing things, of that I am sure (we take a water for 120 YEN along the way) ...

From one of the most special, magical, incredible, different and enigmatic places on this planet ...

Paula and Isaac, from Tokyo (Japan)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 36,735 YEN (approx 390.80 EUR)