Next destination (and PORRA)…


It seems incredible what he has given if the improvised baton that "you rode" in the "old keys". A total of !! 45 BETS !!, including "various traps" (hahaha) of my father voting for the dog, the grandmother's parrot and several bugs, hahaha ... The bets have been as follows:

* FMANEGA: Argentina, Uruguay and Chile / Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia
* ARACELIi: Russia, Mongolia and China / Sweden, Finland, Norway
* SILVIA: Russia, Mongolia and China
* ANTOGAL: Thailand, Malaysia and Australia
* RAMON: Thailand, Australia, New Zealand
* PACKAGED: Singapore, Bali and Java
* NOTES: Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia
* JUVE: Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia
* ELENA: Peru, Chile and Argentina / Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia
* SURI: Norway, Sweden and Finland
* ROUTINE: Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia
* MIRIAM: Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand
* SANDY: Argentina, Chile and Brazil / Argentina, Peru and Chile
* JAVIER: Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia
* MAUXI MOM: Norway, Sweden and Finland
* SANDRA: Singapore, Malaysia and Borneo
* JESUS: Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia
* MªLUZ AND EDUARDO: Argentina, Chile and Brazil
* AMPAROY ANTONIO: Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand
* DESIKA: Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam
* TITOLIN: Argentina, Brazil and Chile
* FATHER Singapore, Australia and New Zealand / Hong Kong, Australia and Thailand
* TOM: Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand / Australia, Thailand and Singapore
* GRANDMA MARIA: Thailand, Australia and New Zealand / Qatar, Australia and New Zealand
* GRANDMA VALE: Singapore, Thailand and Australia / Dubai, Australia, New Zealand
* MOTHER and CURRO: Thailand, Australia and New Zealand / Australia, Thailand and Hong Kong
* GIUSSEPE: Brazil, Alaska and Tunisia
* TIGRYS AND VANESSA: Peru, Argentina and Bolivia / Malaysia, Cambodia and Singapore
* ISRAEL76: Greece, Malta and Cyprus
* EIB: Malaysia, Hong Kong, Cambodia
* CARMEN PORTOS: Bali, Australia and New Zealand
* YADNAKIS: Kuala Lumpur, Thailand, Cambodia
* JOSY: Cape Town, India, Argentina
* JASON: Chile, Argentina and Peru / Australia, New Zealand and Thailand

As I know that someone is going to hire a thug as he doesn't say something today, I'm going to tell you about my future trips.

- The first, as is obvious, will be from the day after tomorrow, November 25, 2009, until December 18, 2009. Now we will talk more about him.
- Later, from December 30 to January 4, I will go in the company of the "family cotters" and a new "acquisition", hehe
- For March or April, another long trip of 15 days, already decided the destination
- And in between, 2 very important trips, in February the trip "of life", and some "getaway getaway" that will fall

Ok, ok ... I'm focused. The reason for not having previously revealed my trip has been basically because I have not had it closed until recently. While that was happening, in my house, my family (especially my father) has been creating A snowball Around the trip. Such is the case, that in the end tomorrow they will know (as well as the rest) from where I am leaving (Madrid) and where I am going (tomorrow I will publish it) but the rest of the trip will read it on the web, hehehe. I have left two embassy friends, places where I will stay and contact phones, so that my mother does not worry.

How to continue the trip? I keep the scheduled dropdown, as usual

1. Here there will be a map of the situation where I am
2. Here are a couple of photos of the place
3. Here the information of the day and the places that I will visit
4. Here will be the weather information of the place where I am.

Now if It's time to announce that after 45 bets (which have helped me to get many ideas of what people would do if I had 24 days)…


Many have been swept away by family bets from Australia and New Zealand. I will explain the reason why I don't shoot there

- New Zealand It is a destination that I want to do, but it is a destination that I would like to accompany (as you know, I go alone) and sharing a motorhome with my friends. Combining it with Australia in 24 days I see it very very complicated, since I would not enjoy one place or the other.
- Australia It is a destination that calls me, but relatively. It could have been a viable option to go backpacking, but combining it with 2 more countries is complicated if you want to enjoy something 24 days.
- I take the opportunity to discard you too India (I have promised Juve, Ruth and Paula), Cuba (to Sergio) and nearby destinations that I leave for another occasion.
- Is a different trip, a trip that I dreamed from a very young age. A trip with which I know I will enjoy and surely someone will do it reading.

Tomorrow, first chapter of "A NEW JOURNEY IN CHAVETAS 3.0"