Riviera Maya package or flight + hotel


We talked the other day of our first decisions, of the need to disconnect the "head" of the world and why for the first time in a long time we were leaving vacation, and not travel(at least starting), and that in our search for that destination that gave us a good relax / price ratio, the Caribbean, and specifically, the Yucatan Peninsula, won the game. But… What is the best option to plan a holiday in the middle of August in this destination?

Starting from the base that in a vacation that asks for rest, relaxation and the least possible complication would not fit in at all in order to raise a personalization (which? If there is no itinerary, it would be another thing to have planned a trip through the Yucatan for free) there is only two possible lace, catch a complete package or look for options flight plus hotel separately.

Flights, the great puzzle

Those who know us will know that one of the great moments of a trip is that in which we decide the destination and start designing. To design? Yes, to investigate, to break the obstacles, to personalize the destination, to buy the flights and choose certain routes.

Riviera Maya and, in general, any Caribbean destination in the high season, faces us a great puzzle ... !! your flights !!

Few know, although it is in their described account, that one of the most fun and "backpacking" adventures we've had, in Cuba, began with the purchase of a vacation package. Any of the options considered taking flights and a single hotel night compared to a full package of flights plus a minimum of 7 nights without fixing overflowed our economy, although the later reality would be that the first morning we would take a car and go free sleeping with people and starring in one of those odyssey that we like to remember so much.


This time the same thing happens. Any combination of flights from Madrid or Barcelona to Cancun International Airport (or any nearby) go through rocambolescas scales that do not lower the price at all or by the traditional Iberia or Air Europa whose prices are triggered since they reserve most of their places for large wholesalers. Conclusion…! Unfeasible !! in high season, although for hotels there are countless alternatives.

Vacation package, the "from" policy

"!! Exclusive !! 7 days in Riviera Maya in June from 720 EUR" "!! Last minute !! A week in the Caribbean in September from 650 EUR" "!! Special Offer !! Flights + transfers + all-inclusive hotel for August in Cancun from 900 EUR " Who doesn't it sound like?

The first thing to say is that THE OFFERS exist, and being hustled and having flexibility on dates you can be the lucky ones to get one. Without going any further, these days our travelers told us that for 800 EUR they left 8 days which is great.

From there, in the high season, reality gets a bit complicated. The "from" policy makes what begins as a beautiful offer For 1,100 EUR in the middle of August, it is not valid for those of us who are "customizers" of travel. The one that the flight from A Coruña - Madrid goes apart, the one that the hotel offered is one far from the beach and you like the fourth of the list, the one that sometimes the rates have not been included, the one that the offer is for 7 days and you want 14, the one that insurance has not been included ... the one that ... the one that ... transform the original price into a much larger amount, only discounted for the advance purchase (10 or 20% can always be a good discount).


Still, those 1,100 EUR that end up being 1,500 EUR They are still a very good option if we consider that there we have included flights from A Coruña to Madrid, Madrid to Cancun, Airport-Cancun transfers and return, full insurance and accommodation 14 days All Inclusive and that only the flight of the "busy" Air Europa on duty would leave for !!! 1,300 EUR !! The flight + hotel option for free is unfeasible in these destinations as we already checked in Cuba, because even when you get offers on flights at certain times there are also in the same packages to have agreements "framework" airlines and wholesalers.

But does the package limit me? !!NO!!

The case taken to the extreme is Cuba, where "two backpackers" slept in private Cuban houses with a route not pre-established, enjoying its people, the "palqueo", its night parties, its beaches, corners unexplored by tourist services ... starting from a vacation package much more cheap.

In this case, the vacation package gives us what we need, those long-awaited VACATIONS of total disconnection around the world. But… Who deprives us of swimming with dolphins or with the whale shark, of introducing ourselves to the Mayan culture in ruins like Chichen Itza, Tulum or even Uxmal, or of losing ourselves among the dozens of cenotes of this area of ​​the planet? (Right Javi and Silvi?)


Private taxis, vans, public transport or local agencies provide any of the options in one of the most prepared places on the planet to collect tourism. Of course, we will talk about WHY NOT go with the excursions that the wholesaler proposes. Is there still someone who does not know how this works in the globalized world that the internet allows us?

The decision, vacation package 7 years later

And it is that the vacation package is not at odds with the best vacations in the world for those who believe otherwise. The ingredients of this broth are relaxation, economy, disconnection of the head, turquoise blue waters, heat, carefreeness with the REAL all-inclusive and ... a Mayan culture to discover if that bug finally enters.

We already have several decisions made:
- We're leaving holidays, do not travel.
- We do it at Caribbean by relationship relax / economy.
- The chosen area is Yucatan, for the possibilities it offers to older
- And we take a vacation package which includes national flight, international flight, transfers, insurance and stay 14 days in real all inclusive regime.

In the next article of these "particular preparations" we talk about the area of ​​the entire coast that we will choose. The offer is wide ...

And you, when choosing a vacation in these traditional destinations, Do you do it with a package or are you looking for international flight and hotel separately?

Isaac and Paula, pressing "almost" the head off button