Discovering travel


I will always remember with much love that July 7, 1991since that day is the date where everything would begin. You can say I wasdiscovering travel, understanding that there is much beyond the day to day that surrounds us and that there is a new world to explore. I had done it before for Spain, but this travel diary to Florida and Bahamas He will always be the one who keeps the first innocent memories in my memory.

I suppose that when you travel a lot, these moments are no longer the same, it already costs something surprising. Therefore, mine are kept in this newspaper.

Although this blog is designed above all to tell the phases of a trip, as if it were a logbook, I have always believed that I would gradually include those places that werediscovering to thetravel, thanks especially to my parents, from whom I have inherited the passion to know new places and enjoy touring them, as I say sometimes they injected me with an innocuous virus that I can never cure.

East daily will be offline, that is, unlike the rest, I will tell in the past, as I remember today with my 29 years (and a few have passed)

Returning to July 7, 1991, I was only a child with 12 years, and today I write it as you can remember at that age. That date was not only a special day for me, but also for the whole family, since it was the first time we were going on such a long trip, nothing more and nothing less than the United States, the first time we crossed the " puddle "and of course we changed the continent. Before we could not afford such a trip, and of course it was also provided by the dollar, which at that time had the best change I know, at 90 pesetas.

Our first destination of this exciting journey wasOrlando, this city is the headquarters of Orange County and is the central part of the metropolitan area that gives it the same name, as well as head of the region of the state of Florida in the southeastern United States. The city is mainly known for its hotels and tourist attractions of child and youth interest especially, such as the Walt Disney World Resort, The Epcot Center ... , that I will speak in greater depth in the following articles dedicated to them.

Orlando is characterized by being more a dormitory city, resembling more a ghost town, where its main area is known as Downtown Center away from the main tourist attractions and that over time has undergone continuous reconstructions. Therefore, in the surroundings of the hotels and other parts of the city there is nothing at all and everything is focused on the theme parks, but still what is guaranteed, is that the Visit to Orlando is magical and unforgettable.

The trip began leaving Madrid at noon and arriving atOrlando around 17, with the consequent change of schedule and jet lag. I still remember the faces of my whole family as we crossed the blue ocean and suddenly see that place of vegetation and lakes, we were impressed, finally arriving at that building "called airport" that we had, for us, what we considered a great invention , the monorail and that would take us from side to side.


I also remember that everything that was around kept surprising us as I had never done anything before. I was effectively discovering travel

When we got off the plane we traveled in that "little train" strange places to a room very far from where we had landed and as perplexed children, everything seemed to be happening "by magic" suitcases appeared, doors opened ... until leaving That huge complex.

It was very hot at that time, since Orlando has a subtropical climate. I still remember that it was very humid and that the occasional storm always surprised us by the day accompanied by a sultry heat, always around 40ºC.

From the airport, we took a free bus located in Terminal B, which took us to our next destination:

How to go from the Orlando Airport to the Hotel (UPDATED 2014):

Located in Termina B, in Level 1, there are Free transfers to the different hotel complexes
It is also possible to use the Local Bus, the cost of which is approximately $ 2
A Van transfer It costs $ 19 to the center per person
Finally, the price of a cab, will be around 35$, almost prohibitive.

Leaving the stage that was for us the airport, we were taken to a gigantic building, theDelta Orlando Resort, located a short distance from the airport, a large comfortable hotel, which for our eyes as children looked like a castle in which to do anything. Even so, shortly we would be in it, using it more as a base of operations and a place to rest and relax from the long days that we had to discover as well as the new world that was about to appear before us.

After only the first day and once this is over, you will now understand how it is impossible to forget that July 7, 1991 that ended all of us defeated by tiredness in bed, looking forward to the next day.

He Delta Orlando Resort, so called from 1991 to 1996, formerly Ramada Court of Flag (until 1994) or later Doubletree Resort since 2001, no longer exists. The reason was the reduction of tourism after the attacks of 11S, which ended the latest plans that never materialized

Thus began my first great trip full of lots of fun and contrasts, but for me something else began, my particular "discovering travel" was born, my desire to know everyone, to this as I said before my parents have collaborated, the first passionate about travel, to which I will always be grateful for making it possible.

Isaac (and Family), from Orlando (United States)