Madeira Airport, Macaronesia


Not long ago, the Madeira Airport was considered the most dangerous in the world to land. That is why I was initially going to start this DAY 1 of the "terrifying at Madeira airport" getaway, which in Galician means landing, but reflecting I realized that it would be a reason for many people to discard a place that, at the beginning, Personally, it has created me since a long time ago.

Macaronesia? No, I'm not going to go through the hills of Úbeda (which I don't know yet), but I wanted to take advantage of a day of flights, now resting in the hotel room, to talk about a place on the planet that I "discovered" while Paula and I prepared those South Seas that we will always keep as our "Honey Sun"

Macaronesia, the "gay islands" of the Atlantic

He small 19 seater plane of the TAP which links A Coruña with Lisbon awaits me first thing in the morning to take off at 7:30 at Alvedro Airport. I have always liked this type of "almost" light aircraft, which give the feeling of adventure to any trip, although I will be one of the last to use it, since after checking in a small suitcase with the tripod and some other things, I have read in the Press that will increase the seats with a larger plane.


In the 1h and a half journey, I thought of Madeira and the region of the planet where I will spend the night and that we would not fool anyone if we say that we love the concept of islands, atolls and everything that surrounded by the most infinite ocean makes you feel for a few days "relatively isolated" " of the world. It was two years ago, when documenting us about the vast Pacific Ocean, and especially about South Seas we discovered that there were two other large regions besides the famous Polynesia (which we would reach in Tuvalu, Tonga or Samoa) and that were the Melanesia (Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands) and Micronesia (we would only get to Kiribati

... but beyond, miles away, and very close to "home", a collective of several island groups where in some of them we had been several times, they shared natural, geological and climatological aspects to frame them within a unique region: MACARONESIA

Macaronesia includes all those islands of volcanic origin of the Atlantic back that are Canary Islands (Spain), Azores, Madeira and Wild Islands (Portugal) and Cape Verde, and was an English geologist and botanist named Philip Baker Webb (1793-1854) who coined the term (but that would be getting into stories for another type of blog) that means from the Greek "happy or lucky islands"

Lisbon, the complete Minube team for #Madeira

Although there are some other options from European countries (especially in summer) or from the Canary Islands themselves, the most common and economical options to travel to Madeira go through a connection with Lisbon (sometimes Porto) and generally being the main Portuguese airline, theTAP, the best choice. Thus, almost unintentionally, we have come here.


The truth is that for someone who has always been oblivious to this type of blogtrip, it is a pleasure to be able to meet with this piece of equipment that you have assembled My Cloud, not only because of the category of a portal every day with more travelers, but because of the travel philosophy they pose, very different from others. My colleagues? Agnes, from My trips out there, with which I have spoken countless times but still did not know in person, Cristina from Travel in my backpack, a girl's charm that I met in the Fitur and Ainara from The World Through a Viewer, that his photography speaks for itself, in addition to Guille the "camera" and the "liante and head" of the whole "tinglao", Ignatius from Chronicles of a camera

The "fearsome" Madeira Airport?

1h and 40 minutes are those that separate Lisbon from Madeira, and more specifically the famous runway of Funchal Airport. At the beginning of aeronautical times, it was its magnificent bay that received those seaplanes (like the one we used for get to Kandholhu in Maldives) that we would not mind repeating, but the need for the flow of travelers brought with it a runway with many limitations and a serious accident in 1977 (PHOTOS: World of aviation)


It's around 16'00 when we start our approach, and although the Madeira Airport is still considered in the top 10 of the most dangerous airstrips in the world (along with some like Gibraltar, Narsarsauaq in Greenland, Toncontin in Honduras or Juancho E. Yrausquin on the island of Saba) I think after landing with those small planes in the flooded mud tracks of Seghe in Solomon Islands or with that "hollow log" in Vava'u in Tonga This is "sew and sing."

Those who are afraid of flying, forget the past. In 2003 a truly spectacular engineering work was undertaken with 180 pillars of 70 meters that stretched the track considerably above the sea and that makes today, although it remains one of the tracks with approximation due to turbulence and more complicated winds, there been a pleasure to land


Madeira or Funchal or Santa Catarina Airport is barely found about 25 minutes from downtown and just under the Four Views Monumental Hotel that will house us the first three nights

For all that we have read, one of the best ways to plan a 5-7 day getaway to Madeira is to take flights, hotel and a rental car. In that case the car would already be picked up at the airport.


- Urban bus / coach (between 7'00 and 20'45) whose stop is on the main road about 100 meters to the right (there are several destinations besides Funchal itself). The ticket is purchased on board for € 3.35
- Aerobus, a minibus with enough intervals that for about € 5 (or € 8 i / v) puts you in the center of the capital
- Cab (between 21'00 and 6'00), whose amount for the journey starts at € 4 and increases € 1.50 per baggage
- Transfer contracted: There are several companies, in addition to many hotels, that offer this private service that leaves you directly at the hotel asMBtours.
- Car rental: One of the best options to tour the island, and that can already be used to make the first transfer upon arrival. You have a complete comparison and previous in "Car rental in Madeira: comparisons and prices"

No later than 17:30 we entered what was going to be our first shelter on the "cheerful island" of Madeira.

Four Views Monumental Hotel and Il Basilico Restaurant

In a day of flights and "reconnaissance", with the equipment loaded with energies, and the dusk when falling, the day does not give for much more. We become strong in a hotel, which I will talk about later, but located in an extraordinary way in the tourist and lively area of ​​Lido, a few km from the center of Funchal and the seafront and with lots of bars, cafes and malls. His name, the Four Views Monumental Hotel (COMPLETE ARTICLE HERE).

After a long day of flights, What better than a bath to cool off?

Funchal breathes tranquility on a sunny afternoon like today. There are people who run along the excellent promenade, others stroll and some simply get carried away by time enjoying a sunset at a bar table.


Ainara and Ignacio take out their tripod. There are those who take photos and there are those who capture moments, and while many are among the first, I know that these days I will learn from two great photographers like them what I would never learn in any fast accelerated course, but above all, to differentiate the art of photography from capturing memories.

The group has welcomed me phenomenal, since I do not stop being the "rookie" and even Guille, the camera, here is your time to get a smile at everyone, in this case the dinner that Il Basilico has offered us, and that we have devoured to such an extent that if it does not come before we eat each other. A good place for someone who loves Italian pasta.


Tomorrow begins the strong, so I will leave it for today. The little that I could "intuit" Madeira today attracts my curiosity a lot, but that is another story that I will tell you more calmly. !!To sleep!!

Isaac, from Funchal - Madeira (Portugal)