What to see in Bergen in 1 day


Today we have enjoyed one of those days that we are so passionate about, that of enjoying walking free in a city. Whether you disembark from a cruise ship or if you are scheduled to pass through here, we will tell you what to see in Bergen in 1 day in a very complete way, because it is a city! Are you coming?

And for this! Today we have not risen early! There were still sequels to the walks of these days, but nothing unrecoverable to face the adventure in the Svalbard with guarantees. We have also had to face the change of hotel, just to the corner calledP-Hotels Bergen (more than acceptable and very affordable), because there were no rooms left for today. Come on, so that we all understand each other! UPDATED 2019

Bergen Card

As in other cities around the world, Bergen has its own card, the Bergen Card. However, in Norway, making excessively compensated numbers.

PRICES OF THE BERGEN CARD: Although we will enjoy two complimentary, these are the amounts for which you can purchase them (August 2014)

Bergen Card 24 hours: 200 NOK adults and 75 NOK children
Bergen Card 48 hours: NOK 260 adults and NOK 100 children
NOTE: If you want to buy it online you can do it here and then pick it up in the Bergen Tourist Information Office

Transportation, tickets to museums, discounts on tours, restaurants or parking are some of the many benefits that you can enjoy, although you have all the information in your own section of the website of Visit Bergen.

What to see in Bergen in 1 day

Although we have taken the license to sleep "a little more", this is not going to be inconvenient for us to know one of the cities of Norway that we have been best talked about. Our route has been something like this ...

This was the tour we did to see Bergen in 1 day, but there are also alternatives to take guided tours through Bergen.


We are going to propose a guided tour of Bergen, to stroll through the best known and emblematic of the city (only available from October to May). The duration is 2 hours but, if you want a longer and longer excursion, there is a choice of Tour with local guide It lasts between 2 and 6 hours, a full half day.

We have also found one Bergen seaplane tour, which seems to us something totally different from what it is customary to do to know a city and, therefore, it seems to us a great idea. There are two options: a 30-minute tour and a 50-minute tour.

All excursions have FREE Cancelation Up to 48 hours (the tour with local guide up to 24 hours) before the excursion.

So, after having a quick breakfast (102 NOK), we have started our walk through the Cathedral of St. Olaf of Bergen or Bergen domkirke, A cathedral of Lutheran worship.

As when we entered through we already met this type of Cathedral, it also dates from approximately 1150, a tower of about 13 meters and has gone through fires and restorations that can be seen in the remains of the foundations of the oldest basilicas that are still preserved


Our tour, leaving the Cathedral behind, now puts us fully in the nerve center of Bergen. On one side, next to the sea, is the Tourist Information Office (always interesting to take some maps), which looks like a newly "landed" spacecraft. What a piece of building!

But on the other side, one of the most visited and well-known corners of Norway, the Fish Market or Torget.

Essentially tourist, but very charming, we are in one of the main claims of Bergen where everyone ... speaks Spanish! Thus, dozens of people emigrate for seasons to earn money serving in this particular business of skewers, dishes of all kinds of fish and some seafood, to intrepid tourists.

A Galician, a Valencian, another from Madrid ... also many Italians, they explain different dishes and seafood. Someone tells us that if we come from Galicia, let us leave the seafood aside, because we will not appreciate it, but if we try a good fish (especially salmon)


But here there is something for everyone, from smoked salmon toasts, both farmed and wild, as complex quite caloric stews. The most successful dishes among the "guiris" are, without a doubt, the skewers of various types of fish complete with salads or potatoes, and all kinds of barbecues.


Among the "rarest" products for a Spaniard, is the famous Royal Crab, whose legs are a local delicacy. !! These bugs are immense !! and there are even organized excursions to learn their capture

Others that attract our attention are the whale meat or the multitude of fruit stands such as blackberries or plums, which complement a perfect and healthy diet for those who want to stretch the wallet. What do you say Paula? Will we come later?


While we think about it, from this side of the port we already see one of the typical images that we are approaching but before, in one of the oldest buildings in Bergen, we can find in the Hanseatic Museuma vision of what the life of the hansian merchants was


Hansi traders? The Hanseatic League was an association of German merchants (S. XIII and XVII) who dominated the maritime trade of northern Europe and established their headquarters here. They were more than 400 years old and they left their legacy here and we can learn a lot about them (like they were very small or slept well… luckily we have invested in R & D & I in beds over the years). By the way, that the Bergen Card is not valid here (NOK 70 each)


But the real snapshot of the city is in the Bryggen, that chain of colored buildings used centuries ago for the merchants' union to export their fish and that although in the year 1702 suffered a great fire, today it shines again with different status.

We read that until World War II, the name of the neighborhood was Tyskebryggen (German jetty), but of course today there is nothing left of that but a true picturesque facade with various uses of restaurants, bars and many shops.

Our good friend Laura RS of Travel at Sunset Ting recommended us (!! thank you very much Laura! cool pimps) but with the lovers we are of Christmas, it was difficult to get Paula out of the one we found on a second floor destined to this one, as it will happen in those of Hallstatt in Austria, Stein Am Rheim in Switzerlandor Munich in Germany, among others (Regalito: 59 NOK)


The old Bergen pier, we believe that in a more than deserved way, it is today a World Heritage Site, and beats record of tourists year after year. By the way, what a difference from yesterday evening with this morning time. All cruise passengers must be here!

Although if what we are coming from is a cruise, possibly our starting point is the one we are heading for in this quiet promenade with the smell of the sea. The Bergenhus Fortress It allows access to a visit that surely has nothing to do with the history that its stones breathe, now completely landscaped and with good views of the city and the docks.

In addition to the garden area, there is theHaakon hall, today used for banquets and receptions, during the 11th century it was the largest building in the Royal House (free with the Bergen Card)


The other building, next to the Haakon Hall (there is also a small "Kafe") that stands out in the fortress, is the tower Rosenkrantz Tårn, of defensive use and built in 1270 although it underwent various reforms over time (like almost everything we see)


You can access the different floors until you reach its highest part, and although the rooms are rather symbolic (although in the last one there is a small museum), perhaps the most interesting are the general views of the entire port, the city and the mountains surrounding Bergen, including a hill that we will try to access.

If we did this initial walk along the shore, now we are going to return along a parallel line inland. In this way we can get closer to the Church of Santa Maria or Mariakirken, which is the oldest preserved building in Bergen (12th century) and an example of Romanesque architecture in the country, although it is still under renovation.

Near here is also theBryggens Museet, opened in 1976 and that was the one that does not go more than its time.


Possibly what does not attract the most attention are the foundations that burned in his day perfectly preserved, as well as the skeleton of an ancient Viking ship. Let's see if we can see this museum in Oslo! (makes us especially excited)

Bergen really is a conglomerate of museums for lovers of these, where you can be 1 week, !! or a month!

2 more museums of this area, for fans, also small:

- Schøtstuene Museum: recreate the workplace of these rich merchants.
- Theta Museet:recreates the clandestine barracks of the resistance, discovered by the Nazis in 1942

More museums in Bergen:

- Western Museum of Decorative Arts: This museum hosts exhibitions of art, design and crafts.
- Old Bergen Museum: Located seven minutes by bus from the city center, it houses a collection of 40 houses that show what life was like in Bergen in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.
- Edvard Grieg Museum, Norway's most famous composer.
- Two 18th-century mansions that have been converted into museums: The Mansion of Damsgård, the most wonderful in the city, is a unique example of Rococo style architecture in wood. The Alvøen Mansion, which was the center of the old industrial town of Alvøen.

Perhaps the penalty we have left, is that by accessing one of these less traveled streets, we can see the level of deterioration suffered by some of the houses on the pier of a lifetime and are trying to restore now. Hopefully they get it!

Returning inside theBryggen (the Hanseatic wharf), through which we used to walk along its wharf line, we entered through some narrow streets with wooden balconies, old medieval-looking buildings and vestiges of another era. We are in a UNESCO World Heritage area that takes us back to merchant times.


If the area of ​​the first dock line was already very particular, what about the corners of cafes, shops of all kinds, art galleries and alleys in this area? ! We must live it! There are even reindeer antlers stores. !!What things!!


But hunger squeezes, and the reference is clear from the beginning of the morning ...! We are going to eat at the Fish Market! Despite the abusive price. ! We are going to make a tourist of those that you want to do !!

The truth is that everything is very appetizing, from any type of fish to well-preserved seafood among the ice. We have opted for a couple skewer of varied fish (of course including wild salmon), then another of very rich prawns, some side dishes and side dishes of vegetables, a piece of whale meat to try and some drinks. The joke has gone to 780 NOK, but hey, we will have to enjoy it once we can, right?


By the way, we almost didn't realize a detail, perhaps important. We love to try all kinds of exotic dishes. In his day we already tried the Guinea pig in Peru, the Kangaroo meat in Sydney, he"Flying Fox" or weird bat in Vanuatuwave ostrich, camel or crocodile in Kenya, but what we didn't realize is that the whale is possibly a protected animal, and that only Norway, Iceland and Japan have consented to hunting for internal consumption based on ancestral customs. We don't want to get into that moral dilemma, because we love nature and its animals, so we won't make the mistake again.

Funicular Fløibanen on Mount Floyen, the best panorama of Bergen

We have made a small stop at the hotel, just 5 minutes from the fish market, basically to "unfold" a bit. We began to savor a little of that "slow travel" that even those who have high travel rates like so much.

! Back to the load! A few meters from the Old Town, you will find the Fløibanen funicular small station (opened 80 years ago), one of those essentials to see in Bergen.


After an ascent of just 5 minutes, a tempting viewpoint in the Mount Floyen at an altitude of 320 meters leave the best views of a really beautiful city from any of its perspectives

It is at this moment when one realizes how little we can get to know. And it is that the most tourist area is reduced to a very small portion of the Bergen extension, but it is easy to identify its main icons, such as the pier or the fortress


It is possibly the point from where we have a more global vision of what Bergen is, with its islands, the shape of the peninsula and the 6 mountains that shelter it (in addition to the one we are in)

A restaurant, a shop and several trails, complete an ideal place to spend an afternoon, or enjoy a beautiful sunset at another time of the day or at another time (today dusk at 23) ... and of course, the viewpoint to take off the more typical photos (fashion selfies included)


You can also see how Bergen transforms at sunset. The cruises leave the boarding docks and the city breathes an unusual tranquility at other times of the day. In fact we see the last one left ...

It is time to return to the environment area, where after leaving an eye and a half kidney in the food, we have opted for one of the most affordable options in Norway after the packed sausage sandwiches (brought from Spain) and supermarkets ...! Peppes Pizza! (and still have been 440 NOK)


Definitely Bergen is one of those picturesque cities, full of atmosphere and charming corners, that no one should ever get lost in life. But we haven't seen everything yet.


Bergen is the rainiest city in Europe. We have read data that state that it rains 275 days a year. We comment on it because it is an issue to consider and, in addition, a recurring concern among future travelers who put destination to this beautiful city. But, now that you know it, you can organize your trip around this. It should be added that, although it rains practically every day of the year, it doesn't rain all the time, which will allow you to enjoy the city as well. Anyway, we leave you the timeanddate website, which is where we always consult this data.

Tomorrow heavy rains come in, which will not prevent a visit to which we really want ... !! We will tell you as always, in a new story for you to read for breakfast! Do you sign up? (Family and friends, we are still great, and the ankle fully recovered)

 Isaac and Paula, from Bergen (Norway)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY:NOK 682 (approx. 82.17 EUR) and GIFTS: 59 NOK (approx. 7.17 EUR)