Map of Venice with plans of the neighborhoods in detail (P2)


It is the turn of our second article of preparations for the trip to Venice and, as we have done with previous trips, we will distribute everything we have researched and compiled in, partly thanks to your contributions. The 6 neighborhoods of Venice on which we will make the plans in detail areSan Marco, San Polo, Santa Croce, Dorsoduro, Castello and Cannaregio and in them we will place the attractions pre-suggesting a future route that we will design in other articles. They are alsothe best experiences (including gastronomic) which in Venice is more complicated than anywhere. There are many hours of dedication and love!so hopefully it will be useful for your trip. We will have it printed.


  • Venice plans in detail to print (distributing everything there is to do, see or taste)
  • And those of us who have / have itineraries in Venice of more or less days?

Venice seemed small to the naked eye, at least for me, but if instead of measuring it by its size we did it for the things to see and visit, the experiences to be carried out in it or all the places in which to taste its cuisine and its wines, it would seem huge. As always, we will put different possibilities and you choose what best suits your taste and time, of course. Don't forget that you don't have to do everything.

ALL ORGANIZED VENICE PREPARATIONS:everything you need to know to be able to organize your own trip to Venice, divided into 6 articles that will help you prepare the trip as best as possible so that you only arrive and ... enjoy!

"1. 101 things to do in Venice (beyond the guides) (P1)",our own list of what things to see, do, visit and so on in Venice, so you have a choice (and contributions from other readers / travelers).
"2. Map of Venice with plans of the neighborhoods in detail (P2)", where we locate all the places, experiences and gastronomy of Venice so you can print them and allow you to better organize your trip.
"3. The 11 best excursions in Venice (and more reserved) (P3)", an article where we will tell you what are the most reserved excursions for Venice travelers and the ones that have the best acceptance (and some extra).
"4. Entrances to the Basilica of San Marcos and Ducal Palace WITHOUT COLAS! (P4)", the essentials of this trip and that, unfortunately, so much tail have ... We tell you all the tricks to avoid them and optimize the time in addition to other necessary ticket reservations in Venice in advance.
"5. Routes through Venice, design your itinerary (P5)"With all the above it is time to organize what you are going to do on your trip.
"6. 30 tips for traveling to Venice important (P6)", some details that you may have missed and we help you remember.


We will start by telling you how Venice is distributed in what is known as Sestieri or Barrios

Tourist map of Venice in the 6 Neighborhoods or Sestieri, the best way to organize yourself

When you prepare a trip it always happens that you have an idea of ​​what you want to see, because either you already know a little about the place you are going or because you have read something, but still at the time of preparing your itinerary you don't know where to start. Quiet!!! The same thing happens to us, so we will try to make everything that can be visited, done or experienced (apart from the excursions that can be planned and that we dedicate a part of the preparations) in one place or another. organized on a map with an itinerary where it is easier to organize your trip.

In a quick glance, tell you that the neighborhood of San Marco We can consider it a unique city center with a myriad of monuments such that some tourists do not even get out of it, although the opposite may also happen to you that you do not want to get close to because of the number of people you will always find within its limits. Napoleon Bonaparte described one of his "jewels", St. Mark's Square, as the most beautiful lounge in Europe. San Polo and Santa Croce they resurfaced from their "past activity" as prostitution neighborhoods to house studies of artisans and precious churches that make them essential in your visit to Venice. Dorsoduro a neighborhood full of splendor, given the amount of beauty and art that it keeps inside, and that extends along the Grand Canal. CannaregioIt is a neighborhood with its own personality where its main attraction is the Ghetto, a living monument to the contribution of the Jewish community of Venice. By lastCastello, where to admire Venetian artisans in their Arsenale and all the churches of different styles it contains.

Venice is composed of 120 islands linked through bridges that give rise to the division in the neighborhoods that we have listed Above and apart, within this hundred, it has a periphery marked by a bluish green lagoon where you can find options such as Murano, Burano or Torcello, sometimes only separated by a narrow channel, and spanning from glass production centers, ancient Byzantine cities, artist's islets or beach destinations.

We will focus on the neighborhoods that we list but without losing sight of the excursions that will take us to visit one of these islands and that we will tell you in an article within the preparations.

Venice plans in detail to print (distributing everything there is to do, see or taste)

Who has not ever dreamed of beautiful Venice, furrowing the channels in a gondola to the beat of music? Or imagined wearing an ideal mask with a period costume and attending a dance in a Venetian Palazzo? Yes, of course, and it has helped me a lot to let my imagination fly a film festival such as the Venice Film Festival or movies like Casanova or the Merchant of Venice.

Are you coming with us to stroll through St. Mark's Square, to visit the Palazzo Ducal, to cross the Rialto Bridge, to walk through the Guetto Piccolo, to discover the treasures of the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute, to glimpse Venice from the heights in Il Fondaco dei Tedeschi, to rest at Café Florian or to navigate the Grand Canal? This and much more we will tell you what to see in Venice but distributed in neighborhoods to make it more comfortable to plan and organize your itinerary.

IMPORTANT! As in all articles of this type, we did not want a traditional guide-map, but it is a compilation of research and subsequent incorporation of ideas from readers of our article "101 things to do in Venice (beyond the guides) (P1). Of course there is also the most traditional and essential so you do not have to look for it. It is divided in a way that allows it to fit into an itinerary of 3 days or more days (or some extra if you include Carnivals like us) with the following considerations:

- If you want to see the map in a big way, click and download it.
- All neighborhood plans are always updated. If someone wants to add something or you think we have forgotten some important place, shop or experience, write us and we add it!
- In all the gastronomic experiences, shops and those that require going to their official website for reservations, a link is attached so you do not have to look for it
- The main attractions are numbered in such a way that they already suggest the route to be taken (that is, already thinking about a future itinerary)

IT IS IMPORTANTknow that This is NOT an itinerary proposal. but to show all the alternatives so that you value the ones that best adapt to your planning or simply so that you know everything that can be seen and where it is located. You don't have / should do everything, hehehe ...

Venice Map / Sestiere of San Marco

What can we tell you about this San Marco neighborhood that you don't know now? Almost a museum in itself is this sestiere, the most popular in Venice and the heart of the city. A good start would be to get up early, whenever we can do it, and visit the Basilica of San Marcos and the Palazzo Ducale where we can cross the Bridge of Sighs so after leaving enjoy the Plaza de San Marcos and climb the Campanile or the Tower dell'Orologio. We can continue through the Negotti Olivetti and the Correr Museum to reach the La Fenice theater and the most famous churches and palaces in this neighborhood.


An itinerary suggestion could start at St. Mark's Basilica (click on map to enlarge)

(1) St. Mark's Basilica, one of the essential visits but that has great queues (soon article "to skip the lines")
(2) Ducale Palace, with the famous Bridge of Sighs (which can be photographed from the Ponte della Paglia) and right next to the Marciana Library, for lovers of these.
(3) St. Mark's Square, the "most beautiful hall in Europe". Between this square and the Doge's Palace is also thePiazzeta, worthy of some photos
(4) Campanile, from where to get wonderful views of the city
(5) Torre dell'Orologio o Torre de los Moros, an astronomical clock where two bronze figures go out to ring the bells every hour
(6) Negozio Olivetti, worth a visit.
(7) Running Museum, an old church that now keeps authentic treasures.
(8) La Fenice Theater, one of the great Italian opera houses.
(9) Chiesa di Santa María del Giglio, famous for its relief maps. Next we can visit L'Armadio di Coco Luxury Vintage.
(10) Chiesa di Santo Stefano, with its beautiful facade of works by Tintoretto. Next to L'Isola, Murano sanctuary shop.
(11) Palazzo Franchetti, currently hosts art exhibitions.
(12) Palazzo Grassi, worth a visit to admire its renovated interior.
(13) Chiarastella Cattana,, where to admire and buy original Venetian fabrics.
(14) Fortuny Museum.
(15) Contarini del Bovolo Palace, Where to admire its beautiful staircase.
(16) Goldini Theater, to enjoy an opera.
(17) Il Fondaco dei Tedeschi, to enjoy beautiful views of Venice.
(18) Rialto Bridge, the bridge par excellence of the city
(x1) Florian Coffee, an icon of Venice since the 18th century.
(x2) Grancaffé Quadri, another historic since it opened in 1638 with the name of "Il Rimedio" in the Plaza de San Marcos.
(x3) Dal Moro's Fresh Pasta to Go, natural and fresh pasta that is difficult to find in Venice to eat in the small place or take it with you.
(x4) Pizzeria L'Angelo, small place of the best pizzas in Venice as well as cheap.
(x5) Canale del Bauer Pallazo Bar, the best terrace on a canal in Venice.
(x6) Trattoria Al Gazzettino, good dishes, great treatment and fast service.
(x7) Suso Gelatoteca, for many the best handmade ice cream in Venice


- If you decide to enjoy a capuccino at Café Florin or Grancaffé Quadri, you have to know that they will charge you 10-12 euros for it. We consider that you should keep in mind that you are not paying for coffee but the full experience but value it before sitting down.
- Although there will be a dedicated article, a trick to enter the Basilica of San Marcos It is to leave the backpack in a warehouse that is in a street to the left and with the proof that they give you, you enter without queuing. We will detail it soon

Venice Map / Sestiere of San Polo

San Polo It is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Venice, next to the old Rialto Bridge and where the first Venetian settlements were produced for being a flood-free zone. In San Polo, a good idea would be to start seeing or visiting what is left in the western part, such as the Scuola Grande di San Roco or I Frari, and then move to what makes this neighborhood famous for the Rialto market or do it the other way around.


An itinerary suggestion could start at the Tower of Saint Jacques (click on map to enlarge)

(1) Rialto Market, one of the essential visits.
(2) Palazzo dei Camerlenghi.
(3) Venice Masks by Alberto Sarria, if you want to admire the best masks of Venice.
(4) Bookshop Damocle Edizioni, a bookstore not to be missed.
(5) Casa di Carlo Goldoni, home of the famous Venetian playwright.
(6) Ohmyblue Gallery.
(7) Scuola Grande di San Rocco with his church next door
(8) Basilica of Santa Maria dei Frari, gothic masterpiece
(9) Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista, to visit and listen to an Italian opera
(x1) Rialto Market, maintains its identity and 1000 years of history
(x2) Osteria All'Arco, a true Venetian bacaro with the best cichetti in the city
(x3) Trattoria Antiche Carampane, local restaurant with a taste of seafood
(x4) Cantina Do Mori, a traditional traditional place with many types of bottles, where you can have good wine and good cicchettis at a good price
(x5) Cantina Do Spade, Venetian cuisine of one of the oldest osterias in Venice
(x6) Al Mercà to have a drink of Franciacorta fresquito (also osteria)


- The best days for the market It's Tuesdays and Fridays; The fish market closes on Mondays.
- Around can be found gourmet cheese shops, wines and Venetian specialties.
- The "nostrana" label distinguishes the most tasty and sustainable fish.

Venice Map / Sestiere de Santa Croce

The neighborhood of Santa Croce In many guides it appears attached to the San Polo neighborhood and it is that they almost form a whole but we have divided it so that it is easier to identify the things that can be seen in each of them. However, as we will tell you later in the article "Routes through Venice, design your itinerary (P5)", we will see them the same day because itinerary and time is the best option. Here a good start would be to visit the Chiesa di San Nicola de Tolentino, continue to San Simeón Piccolo and San Giacomo dell 'Orio to follow the Palazzo Mocenigo or deviate to know the Museo di Storia Naturale di Venezia, enter Ca'Pesaro or make a photo to the Fondazione Prada. If you come from San Polo, it would be the other way around.


An itinerary suggestion could start at Chiesa di San Nicola da Tolentino (click on map to enlarge)

(1) Chiesa di San Nicola da Tolentino.
(2) Church of San Simeón Piccolo, next to the Barefoot Bridge. Don't miss the crypt for 2 euros
(3) San Giacono dell'Orio.
(4) Paper Olw, super original store that deserves a visit.
(5) Grafiche Ellemme Venezia (Veneziastampa), Here you can see the printing press of Heidelberg.
(6) Palazzo Mocenigo, Where to see four centuries of art.
(7) Cinema House, If you fancy a different plan.
(8) Ca'Pesaro, International Gallery of Modern Art.
(9) Fondazione Prada, another beautiful Palace next to the Grand Canal.
(x1) Al Prosecco,wine shop where you can try some of the natural wines accompanied by cichettis away from tourist agglomerations
(x2) Gelato di Natura, handmade ice creams.
(x3) Trattoria Antica Besseta, one of the oldest in Venice for those looking for something refined

Venice Map / Sorsiere of Dorsoduro

Dorsoduro It stretches along the Grand Canal with endless treasures that we can see in this beautiful neighborhood such as the splendor of Ca 'Rezzonico, the modern art of the Peggy Guggenheim or the Gallerie dell'Accademia. We can start with an emblem of this sestiere such as the Basilica di Santa María della Salute and take the opportunity to take a walk through the facilities of Punta della Dogana and from there take a tour of the Peggy Guggenheim, Palazzo Cini, Squero di San Trovaso or the Chiesa di San Sebastiano, among other attractions.


An itinerary suggestion could start at the Basilica di Santa María della Salute (click on map to enlarge)

(1) Basilica di Santa María della Salute,one of the most characteristic images of Venice
(2) Punta della Dogana, It divides the Grand Canal and the Canal de la Giudecca.
(3) Fondazione Vedova, old salt warehouses converted.
(4) Palazzo Dario, a place of dark and mysterious past
(5) Peggy Guggenheim Collection, collection of modern art.
(6) Palazzo Cini.
(7) Gallerie dell'Accademia.
(8) Squero di San Trovaso, one of the few active shipyards in Venice.
(9) Lunga S Barnaba Street, to see some of the artisan workshops.
(10) Chiesa di San Barnaba, the church of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
(11) Ca'Macana, where you can buy a beautiful carnival mask.
(12) Ca'Rezzonicco, a beautiful baroque palace.
(13) Olbi Paolo, to acquire a book or postcard that we like so much.
(14) Santa Margherita Field
(15) Scuola Grande dei Carmini.
(16) Chiesa di San Sebastiano.
(17) Isla della Giudecca, famous restaurant and pizzeria area among young people and a venice away from tourists
(18) Basilica Di San Giorgio Maggiore, one of the most photographed churches in Venice that can be accessed and uploaded to its Campanile
(x1) Pizza al Volo, delicious pizzas at a good price to take away
(x2) Venice Jazz Club, a jazz classic where tribute is paid to the greats of the genre.
(x3) II Caffé Rosso, another historic place where it is worth taking a cappuccino
(x4) Cantine del Vino già Schiavi, a charming inn and cellar from an old film where you can taste a panini by the canal (or a spritz)
(x5) Al Chioschetto, where to enjoy a snack with a sunset towards the canal
(x6) Skyline Rooftop Bar, a chic rooftop bar that offers a panoramic view of the canal from Giudecca, located on the 18th floor of the Hilton Molino Stucky in what was the former Stucky flour mill transformed into a luxury hotel


- To cross the Grand Canal you can catch a "traghetto", a passenger gondola, from San Marco, which connects Santa María del Giglio, with the Basilica di Santa della Salute. It costs € 2 each way but it saves you a lot of walking.

Venice Map / Sestiere de Cannaregio

A neighborhood with its own personality that hosts the Ghetto, a living monument to the contribution of the Jewish community of Venice. But not only can we visit the heart of the Jewish community but Cannaregio "hides" much more, endless attractions. We give you an alternative itinerary that includes most of the visits of this sestiere. We can depart from the Chiesa di San Geremia (if we want clear) or continue from Castello with a tour from Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli.


An itinerary suggestion could start at the Chiesa di San Geremia (click on map to enlarge)

(1) Church of San Geremia, Very popular in Venice.
(2) Ponte delle Guglie, the original Needle Bridge.
(3) Guetto Nuovo, with its Synagogues and Hebraic Museum to visit.
(4) Rosso Bank, authentic medieval pawn shop.
(5) Church of the Madonna dell'Orto, one of the most emblematic temples of Venice.
(6) Campo dei Mori, and while we walk we can visit Ca 'Mastelli.
(7) Tintoretto House, very close to the store Nicolao Atelier, if you want a period costume.
(8) Fondamenta della Misericordia (or Fondamenta degli Ormesini), a long dock in Cannaregio where you can find Venetian bacaros, breweries and historic restaurants
(9) Row Venice, to enjoy a traditional wooden batela handmade in Venice
(10) Chiesa dell'Abbazia della Misericordia, if we don't mind deviating a little.
(11) Ca'de'Oro Palace, with a facade worth seeing.
(12) Chiesa dei Gesuiti, a beautiful baroque marble church.
(13) Varisco Street, the narrowest of all Venice
(14) Chiesa dei Santo Apostoli.
(15) Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Renaissance and miraculous church.
(x1) Vero Wine, an authentic place to have a drink.
(x2) Panificio Volpe Giovanni, bakery with sweets, cheeses and Venetian specialties.
(x3) Ca 'd'Oro Gelateria, the best artisan ice cream in Venice (try hazelnut, chocolate, berries, pistachio or the curious liquirizia -there are more than 30 flavors-)
(x5) Trattoria Da Gigio, local restaurant with menu of the day of generous dishes and fresh pasta.
(x6) Perduto Paradiso, a large bar full of typical fried and fish cicchetti, and live music nights.

Venice Map / Sestiere de Castello

The largest neighborhood in Venice extends from San Marco to the east and where Venetian artisans laid their traditions. Flooded with beautiful Gothic or Byzantine churches and a park, where the city ends, in which the Venetians disconnect and spend their free time. With all this Castello becomes essential in your visit to the City of Canals.


An itinerary suggestion could start with the beautiful promenade of Riva Degli Schiavoni (click on map to enlarge)

(1) Riva Degli Schiavoni
(2) Viale Giardini Pubblici, the city's first public park.
(2) Biennale di Venezia, International art exhibition
(3) Storico Navale Museum
(4) Arsenale, to enjoy a quiet walk even reaching the Riva degli Schiavoni.
(5) Chiesa di San Francesco della Vigna, the great forgotten of Venice.
(6) Scuola Dalmata di San Giorgio, XV century church dedicated to St. George.
(7) Museo delle Icone, we can see icons of Byzantine style.
(8) Chiesa di San Lorenzo, essential visit for its uniqueness.
(9) Acqua Alta bookcase, the oldest bookstore in the city and an attraction in itself.
(10) Palazzo Grimani.
(11) Zanipolo, if we want to deviate a bit we can reach this huge church similar to that of I Frari
(x1) Trattoria alla Rivetta, true Venetian family home cooking away from the tourist crowds
(x2) Bacaro Risorto, typical good place to take a spritz or a wine