Pending visits to Prague


It is difficult, as always, to tell the day of homecoming on any trip or trip. It is usually a day suffered, due to accumulated fatigue, and something sad, to abandon this dynamic traveler that we like so much. However, this time we return with a somewhat different feeling, as if today the getaway to Prague 2012 it wasn't the end of a trip, but the beginning of a year in which we have many more illusions than ever and as if packing again was to start a different journey in our lives and not the end of an adventure.

While in the next few days we will make our usual summary, to "boat soon" we can conclude that Prague at this time of year has excited us, and we are only because of the atmosphere that involves you until you blend in with it, but because each area and every corner of the city has its special charm.

Today we have not risen early and we have gone up to breakfast quite late. At 11:30 we will move to the Airport to return to our country already in a new year.

While we wait for our transfer (550 CZK) and Paula reads (or devours) her book, We review the "pending" we leave for future visits to Prague (which will fall safely one day). Here enters Petrin, one of the liveliest gardens in another era, and possibly Vysehrad, one of the least known areas for tourists and with a beautiful fortification.

Going outside, in addition to Terezin, and having more time, the spa town of Karlovy Vary, the castle of Cesky Krumlov and the church of Kostice in Kutna Hora !! decorated with bones !! They may be the main options.


Although we always give you all the information to organize transfers on your own, if you have little time or prefer something easy, you have the following option NO LANGUAGE PROBLEM and with VERY GOOD OPINIONS from other travelers. The transfer from Prague can be from airport to hotel (the driver will wait for you with a sign) or vice versa, and even within the city. The price is per vehicle (NOT person)

Transfer Airport-Hotel in Prague

It's not even 12'00 when we are already at the airport, with the checked bag and waiting to board after a small "kit kat" (30 CZK)

While we wait for the call from the door, we begin to review the old objectives that we will set in Maldives for a 2011 that is over. It is possible that along the way we have lost sight of some, but in general! we have not been so bad. "Those of this 2012 we are going to leave in writing.

CHAVETAS OBJECTIVES 2012 (and more):

1. The first, and above all others, that health continue to respect us as well as the whole family, and that granny cotters continue to take care of us from their cloud, and for this we will continue doing a lot of sport and eating healthy.

2.Isaac's English, his eternal pending subject. And there is no way. This year, !! we got the official title !! (and Paula finishes his pending)

3. In the professional, work, we ask only to survive to this complicated panorama.

4. In leisure (keys, photobooks, albums, etc ...) to see if we managed to catch up, write better stories and read much more

5. In the social relationships, we have recovered all that and all those we wanted to have around us, so this year we only ask that the family continue to support us as before (and we them), and friends remain so close.

6. Coming into traveling purposes, 2012 we hope that it fulfills some (only some) of our dreams:

- A musician in New York
- A Northern Lights in the northern lands
- A new year's eve by Europe (Or another lost place in the world?)
- Stepping on lands of a continent that we have not yet touched, Oceania.
- A Christmas fair in Frankfurt
- That Chernobyl what we have pending with the Sequoias
- A roadtrip by USA or Canada
- Take out the PADI in any wonderful dive place in the world
- He back to that wonderful city where Isaac was born (and watch a Real match)
- A getaway aboard some boat byGreek islands in the company of Jose and Raquel (and cia?)
- A fleeting visit to the town of Offida where Miriam and Giuseppe lives
- Perform a trip only and exclusively gastronomic
- Meet those bright travelers that we still have pending: Floren, Jorge, Inés, Isabel, Mª Mercé, Pau, Blai, Fran, Mochilines and many more that it would be impossible to write here and finish the story today
- To finally discover the magic of two traditional countries in a different way: Egypt and India
- A list of endless short-term countries (Starting with a new adventure through deeper Africa or South America, finally go to Iceland, Russia beyond St. Petersburg and Moscow, Taiwan, Belize, Indonesia ...)

7. … and that the LARGEST trip of all (LIFE) follow your course as now, in the best company (in less than 200 days)

And yours, what are they?

We must recognize that as on other occasions we have criticized a lot Iberia, today we have to be fair and admit that in the first leg the past DAY 1 of the getaway in full strike of pilots, as today, have been scrupulously punctual. Moreover, during the strike they provided immediate information, agile changes to cancellations and a multitude of communication channels (facebook, twitter, telephone, email).

Our passage through Madrid is fast, and at 19'00 we are already landing in A Coruña and taking a taxi home (9 EUR), ending a new getaway and thinking about new adventures ... and these! They will be sooner than we think!

Friends, family and readers, whenever you can, Do not stop in this life of looking for a little garden to visit what is possibly the most beautiful capital of Europe, Prague!

Isaac and Paula, photo of Prague, already from A Coruña (Spain)

EXPENSES DAY 5: 580 CZK (approx. EUR 23.20) and EUR 9